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Far superior to most, 19 August 2003

Yu-Gi-Oh! can be confusing to those with slower mind-speeds. The duels like all plot devises, are used to progress the plot and even develop the characters, and in an effort to do so, may annoy, frustrate, or even confuse some members of the audience unfamiliar with the game strategy and cards(effects). However, the these duels are essentially not difficult to follow.

The overall plot of the series is complex and very entertaining. Of the main characters, and aside from Yami Yugi, the villains are often the most compelling. The most interesting, and charismatic of these "villainous" characters being Seto Kaiba(thanks to the paragon voice-work of Eric Stuart), with Ryu Bakura, Maximillion Pegasus, and Marik Ishtar following close behind.

This series, unlike many others, requires the audience to possess functioning memories in order to recall the mythology. The plot is intriguing for those who enjoy mysteries and suspense(although watching YU-GI-OH! one need never fear the hero will be anything other than victorious).

Yu-Gi-Oh! is an excellent choice for children in order to instill morals and values; most importantly honor, courage, loyalty, and confidence in oneself.

Grade: A

Wrongly advertised, but a great show., 8 March 2001

The Fox network was wrong to advertise Freakylinks as a take off on "Blair Witch", because it isn't. Blair Witch is done and over, Freakylinks is clearly different and imaginative. Ethan Embry carries the show with his lovable "Get her!"-(Ghostbusters) attitude. The characters are on an exciting adventure. There was an amazing website that followed the show. But due to poor advertising, so many missed this uniquely perky side of the unexplained. Another great show lost to the unimaginative spoon-fed audiences of America. There were those who did seek the adventure, and still do.