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Wu jiao wa (1977)
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Five random girls are experts at Kung Fu help the police solve a robbery case, 28 May 2006

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This film is OK if you enjoy really corny films. I personally love a good B film but this one is more like a C film. The action is OK but extensive and at times I wish the fighting would quit so the plot can move on. This film is just about five random girls who are some how sisters though the box to the VHS tape I have says they are supposed to be adopted sisters but that is never clear in the movie. The plot is the following: The girls open a health center for women in which they also teach Kung Fu though they never show them doing so in the movie. Their uncle is a police inspector who has to solve a series of robberies in which the perpetrator is invisible. There is a little corny nonsense science explanations during the film. So the girls volunteer to help their uncle solve the case. When the are involved in action sequences in the second half of the film they are wearing some kind of leather outfit of which you will ask yourself at to why and where did they get these from. It would have been cooler if they leather outfits were a little sexier or something as these girls are pretty for late 1970's standards. The film is OK if you have time to waist but otherwise find another kung fu film if you are into this sort of thing and like quality in your martial arts films.