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The best movie of Indian cinema, 21 January 2011

Never has there been a more beautiful depiction of Mumbai. The last time I felt someone did justice in describing this unusual city was while reading the book 'Shantaram'.

I feel bad for Kiran Rao, the director, because I have no idea just how she can ever top this. The story revolves around four wonderfully intriguing characters, and not for one moment, is your mind distracted with the usual questions of what time it is, who's holding the popcorn or why the hell is it so damn cold in the theatre.

Prateik is amazing, Kirti is endearing, Monica is inspiring, and Aamir is simply Aamir.

I will watch this movie a few times over, if only to make sure I haven't missed out on anything, especially the subtleties of each relationship.

What more can I say? 10/10 is simply not enough.

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Absolutely endearing - especially for fathers and daughters everywhere, 7 September 2008

I had the privilege of watching the world premiere of this Palestinian movie (English title - Laila's Birthday) at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday. It is filmed in Ramallah and follows the life of one father in a war-torn country and his efforts to make his daughter's birthday a special one.

The director has intricately inter-weaved the humorous situation of the main character with the obvious tragedy that's a part of everyday life in Palestine, and created a movie that touches everyone, no matter where you're from. It is by no-means a serious movie nor a depressing one - it just teaches you to take life as it comes.

It's a must-watch for people who are willing to explore movies beyond Hollywood made by people from different cultures, and see what they have to offer to the world of films. Thank you, TIFF for bringing this beautiful film to me.

10/10 to Rashid for his moving film, Mohammed Bakri for his BRILLIANT acting, and TIFF for great taste!

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Worth every cent, worth every second., 28 July 2008

IMAX movie ticket in Toronto - $15 (Daylight robbery IMHO!). Popcorn combo - $8. Experiencing a movie like The Dark Knight - Priceless!!!

Do yourself a favour and watch the movie. In the theatre, preferably. It's one of those movies that a DVD will never be able to do justice to.

I'm ever grateful to Christopher Nolan for every chill down my spine when the Joker spoke, for every rush of adrenaline when Batman jumped a building or raced his Batmobile down a street, for every grimace on my face when Two-Face appeared, and for making a movie so satisfying to all of the human senses.

Batman has always been my favourite superhero. And Nolan has made him so much more cooler and sexier. Who says action movies cater only to guys?! Here's to waiting for the next Batman movie from Nolan. And fast!!!