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love it!!, 24 June 2006

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THis movie is great!!!Every time i start watching it i have to see it all!!!I don't know much about Chinese culture, but from what i learned here it makes me more intrigued!!it was about time Brenda Song got her own movie, because she is far more talented and pretty than the other actresses out there!!It was pure entertainment and i just love the fighting scenes!!!!!I want to kick butt like Wendy Wu!!!The story in itself is original and the chemistry between wendy and shen is seen as soon as they become friends!!!i love how it unfolds. So it's for kids, so what??i like it and i'm sure my mom would find it funny!!I'ts about time Disney showed somebody's elses point of view, instead of the caucasian in America!!With Gotta Kick it Up, they showed the latinos in the San Fernando Valley and that was as good as it got!!Don't expect Disney to show the whole culture, but a little touch of it is lovely, just like this tight movie!!

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I LOved Hey Arnold!!, 12 June 2006

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This show deserves to still be on!!i am soo sick of Nick giving Danny Phantom 10 times a day!!I mean come on!!Bring back Hey Arnold!,now that was a great show that taught one real life lessons with some comedy specially from sid, stinky, harold,grandpa phil and grandma pookie!!!They were hilarious!!My favorite character was Helga!! Could Arnold have been anymore stupid not to see she was totally in love with him!!!I could totally relate to her!!!I love this show.It's such a shame that they no longer air new episodes!!!Wouldn't it be cool to see Arnold and Helga dating!!!I hated Lila!!If they would make Arnold grow older and be in highschool i would looove that!!! Overall this was a great show and i sure love it!!!Nickelodean is going down the drain with this new shows because originality is lacking!!

Beethoven (1992)
GREAT!!i love it!!!, 11 June 2006

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i love this movie!!!The first time i saw it i fell in love with it!!!First of all, Beethoven is soo cute as a puppy and i couldn't help feeling sorry for him!!Then, when he grows up he gets soo big and totally ruins George's life!!!It's soo funny!!I love Bonny Hunt, she plays such a cool,nice, but definitely not pushover mom!!!My favorite part is when those two evil people that want to trick George comeover for a barbecue and Beethoven takes them for a ride!!!I'ts sooo funny!!!!i like the kids too cause they remind me of my siblings. Rice is like my big sister,emily is like my little sister and they even share the same name!!!And Ted is exactly like my brother, just as dorky!!!This is one of my alltime favorites!!i highly recommended it!!!One should not watch these movies expecting an Oscar worthy performance,just watch it to enjoy it!!!!!!!!

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not bad, heartwarming, 11 June 2006

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OK well this movie did not stink!i liked it, i saw it at my dad's house when i was going to bed and i was 15 years old and it did not stink. First of all the plot is the same,but the story is different!i mean it's about friendship!!Poor andrea has to say goodbye to her bestfriend and the only way she can see her is by winning this tournament!I'ts heartwarming because it teaches one about friendship and how far one would go to not lose such a special friendship!Of course Air Bud once again was a natural at the sport, but that's the same concept in all the movies!!!I love the Air Bud movies they are heartwarming, and really do make one get closer to family!!The first one came out when i was 8 and it was sooo good they had to make it all over again!!!!So what if it's fantasy, so is Barney and the Teletubies and those really, really, really stink!!!Also Josh is super hot!!!