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Jason X (2001)
1 January 2003
I am a huge horror fan, and friday the 13th was a film I remember seeing when i was very young, and I loved it. As i got older I watched each and every sequel to this movie get worest and worest. Jason lost his real magic after the 3rd film, though 4-7 were okay films. Years after having gone to the movies to see Jason's dead the final friday (yeah right, how many times have they said his final film and it happening?) I walked out disappointed, I thought I was a sad end to something that should have ended long ago.......but then...hollywood made yet another Jason movie. Lets face it people, the more you purchase films like these, the more waste will be shelled out. This movie is insulting to anyone who followed the series, The plot was the same, teenagers, having sex getting brutally slaughtered, and of course you have the hero's and then there's jason. This film has no redeeming quailities, To the filmers of this, STOP MAKING FRIDAY THE 13TH MOVIES, YOU'VE ALREADY DISTROYED WHATEVER RESPECTABLE SCAREYNESS THIS FILM HAD!
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The Oblongs (2001–2002)
Very funny cartoon ;-)
2 December 2002
The oblongs, where do i start? If you have seen the show, you know the basic storyline is about a deformed family living in a toxic filled landscape. Now I am a current watcher of cartoon networks "adult swim" and have found myself looking forward to sundays again because of this programming. 2 weeks ago I saw this show for the first time and I laughed so hard I thought i was seriously going to wet myself. This has all the great makings of a cartoon, rude, funny and the characters are drawn so weird that you cant help to laugh even when they are'nt talking. I was acutally surprised to find out that before this show aired on Cartoon network that it had been on WB and was canceled, I am truly in shock, this could have been the next family guy or simpsons. You know, now that i mention it, this cartoon is very simuliar to an older cartoon called "Duckman". In any case, just alittle interesting note, 13 episodes of this were ever made and from what i understand, only 8 made it to WB, I guess CN is going to show all of them, but currently have no new plans to make anymore (let's pray thus not true), So if you have'nt seen this show and want some good funny stuff, sit down and watch the show. I also suggest you record them on your VCR so you can watch them over and over agian. Give it a fair shake and see what you think. I give it a 9 on the funny scale.
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No Myers? what!
1 November 2002
I remember this film when I was a little boy and i guess it was okay then, and in my teens I have to admitt, I was racist to it for the fact that it did not have michael myers in it (However The halloween part 1 movie was in the background on some of the TV's in this movie),AMC had a recent monster fest which played the halloween movies. Part 3 was on so I decided to sit down and watch it through to the end, and you know what, this is not a bad film. First, it totally screams the 80's which some would see as a negative, but the 80's were'nt so bad, and second, the killings in this movie were so much more brutal then what michael myers handed out (Skulls being pulled apart, heads being ripped off, faces being burnt off and halloween mask eating away at people's faces)<----not bad for a Non-micheal myers movie. Before you rent, buy or view this film, keep an open-mind and realize John carpenter tried something different, if your looking to find Myers in this film, you will be sorely disappointed, but if you want a spooky little tale about halloween mask killing kids and robot men killing people in the most brutal ways, you may just like this film, My rating from 1-10, i give it a 7 for effort and an 9 for being orginal, and a 10 for the cool death scenes;-) all in all, an 8 is is my rate!!!
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Not bad, not bad at all :-)
12 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I consider myself a big fan of the TCM series, and after reading so much negativity about this movie from other websites, and some reviews here ..I have to ask...What was soo bad about this movie? I was confused on a few things like (I thought after having a chainsaw stuck in his stomach in the second movie, leatherface would have been dead) but then I kinda put two and two togather and thought perhaps this another family of killers with simuliar taste (no pun intened). Goign on that, I enjoyed this movie which My belief had a creepy atmosphere, burtal kills and of course one of the best (other then the first) Leatherfaces. *alittle about the movie and a minor spoiler* The movie starts out with a guy and girl traveling through texas to deliver a car. After passing a road block where at least 50 or so rotting bodies are found (and mind you the uncut verision shows these bodies up close and personal) they are unaware they are about to encounter the sick killers responsable for the mess. Now when i say sick killers, i mean SICK......sledge hammers to heads, hands being nailed to chairs, and feeding good'ol rotting granpa blood...sorta makes the brutal scene of sally being forced over a metal bucket while the original family cheers granpa on as he tries to hammer her in the head... look mild and tame. I give this movie an 8 outta 10, for the fact that it had all the right stuff to make a good creepy killing movie, give it a shot and judge for yourself.
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Don't Go to Sleep (1982 TV Movie)
An all around good and effective story
12 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** The first time I remember seeing this movie was when i was probably about 7 or 8, and I enjoyed it then as much as i do now. Alot of people remember only small pieces (and some have a hard time remembering the title) of this film cause it has'nt been on tv in a long long time and finding a copy is somewhat hard to do, though I got lucky. After viewing this film for the first time in about 13 years I found myself not at all disappointed by it and was happy to find that even after all these years this movie still had the effects of creepyness to it to me as it did when i was a kid.

*Warning spoilers ahead* After the death of thier oldest daughter Jennifer(the scene most remember, little bratty brother from the poltergeist movies tieing her shoes laces and then the car crashing, everyone getting out accept the oldest daughter whom met her fate in an exploding car)The family has moved to a new house hoping to start over thier lives, Gramma also moves in with them. Mary the middle child begins hearing strange sounds, the errie voice of her dead sister calling out to her at night. After many nights, mary finally conforts the voice underbed and finds her sisters ghost smiling. She befriends her sisters ghost, happy to see her agian, but her sister wants more then friendship, she wants revenge! First gramma (the lizard under her sheets scene and scaring her into a heart attack) and then her little borther (good'ol push off the roof did him in good). then daddy in the bath-tub with a radio. Mary attempts to then kill her mother with a pizza cutter, but she manages to escape, and mary is locked up....Returning home with a nurse, mary's mother thinks the nightmare is over.....but guess who is at the end of the bed,"Hi mommy"... smilling and winking... This was a made for Tv movie and a very well made one at that, if you see it at a rental store RENT IT, you see it for sale...BUY IT! you will not be sorry you did. 10 out of 10 stars
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So this was the film everyone was having a fuss over...
12 May 2002
I consider myself a true horror collector, seeing as how I have of some 300 horror movies, some rare, others not. I was looking around for something new, something I had never seen and heard about cannibal Holocaust. Well after doing some research on the web (and of course checking out the reviews here)I got my hopes up high thinking to myself, cool a movie that was banned, and is said to be this horrid violent movie. I found it on e-bay for a reasonable price and bought it. Well.....I have somethings to say about this film, first, I fail to really see why is was banned to begin with...I mean compared to movies like (cannibal ferox, or bad taste) this movie really was'nt as evil or for that matter as bad as most said it was. You already know the story line as you may have red in others reviews so I wont waste your time with a story-line. There were a few parts in the movie that were some-what gpry, but nothing I have'nt seen in others movies. I give this movie 6 out 10 stars because in all fairness, it was'nt a bad movie, just over-hyped. I acuatally think cannibal ferox (aka "make them die slowly") was more disturbing and violent then this.
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Bitter-sweet romance horror...
20 June 2001
I first saw this film in high school, and fell in love with it, Personally I believe it was just as good as the short story..maybe even a little better. Twisted and different for most films, many emotions overwhelmed me when I saw this film for the first time. Though this film is only 27 minutes gives you the perfect feel for the character, and the story is told well. If you are able to find this movie for sale or rent..I say watch it, it is well worth your time..... 10 out of 10 stars!! great job guys!!!
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