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This Game is so...........COOL!, 20 November 2006

this game is one of the best x-men games of all times. Even tough there are some characters that are rubbish, but there are some characters that rock! like for example...

Rogue-Good-she is super strong and when you play her you don't realise that it knocks out at a lot of your enemy's energy. Also she has a special move to restore her energy a little bit and suck out the energy from the enemy. Rogue is one of the examples of the best characters like: Wolerine, Beast, Gambit, Dark Phonix and of course Rogue.

Forge-Bad-I hate Forge, that worst character i know. His moves are not made to make a combo unless your in a 'air seek'. In Story mode he is the first person to play and the most difficult to play. When i was fighting Nightcrawler, i died first time doing it. (i thought that when you on any mode, it has to start easy, then harder and harder as you go on through the game) Forge is one of the examples of the worst characters like: Sentiel A (to slow).

But there are 'ok' characters like: Storm, Phonix, Mystique, Lady Deathstike, Havok, Cyclops, Betsy and Magento.

It's a 7/10 with me and I'm only just a teenager!

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Please...Don't Make A Stand If It's Going To Be The Last Stand!, 6 October 2006

This is one of the best summer box-office movies that marvel has ever created! the action is wide and the storyline builds up Peoples interests that they will be looking for in a super-heroes movie! There are 90% Greatness out of this film, but 10% was very disappointing like........Where are Rogues Powers to fly and to be super-strong Where are the other characters like Bishop and etc And.....Why call it the Last Stand!!!!!!!! i love this film but closing the trilogy will be the most foolish thing to do!! Please make a X-Men 4....the REAL fans will be happy! Plus: I'm from England and I'm writing to make the USA fight for the x-men fans over here! Thank you: Marvel, Stan Lee (Creator of X-men), Brett (the director), Patrick (Professor X) + Hugh (Logan+Wolerine) for a brilliant performance!

Catwoman (2004)
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Why say it was rubbish?, 27 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought it was kinder good! People say in my hometown it was rubbish! i enjoyed the action but kind of got bored at the talking part's. Halle Berry is a great actress and to see her in a black leather cat suit was one of the best-est things in the movie.

Okay, the goofs (mistakes) in the movie were a bit too much. Like for example, the motorbike scene: her helmet is there and on a next shot it disappears! i mean, it's a embarrassment to Mrs. Berry.

They NEED to make a Catwoman 2 and make the fans love it better. And i hope they learn from their mistakes.

Come on the Catwoman film makers, you can do better than that!