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sixth sense much?
18 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
full on copy cat of Elephant and Sixth Sense. too bad because the actors are great. but it drags on and on and when you do catch on you're too bummed to keep watching - but you do because you can't convince yourself that this is a copy-cat film. there is no sense of fullness to the characters or situations - there is randomness - perhaps this is intentional. i really wanted to enjoy this film, but wow, when will academics realize their stories just are not that interesting except to themselves. essentially there is too much selfishness in too many of the characters in these kinds of films for audiences to enjoy. these people are too self involved scripted or unscripted. too bad - because uma is so wasted in this junk.
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Away from Her (2006)
So Moving and the Director is so young - Is the AMPAS bunch watching this ?
17 January 2007
Sarah Polley is under 30 and "Away From Her" is a genius project for any age of filmmaker. Wow. Just amazed at the sensitivity of the direction and the spectacular performances.

Julie Christie is so adept at convincing her audience, there wasn't a dry eye at our screening.

Gordon Pinsent and Olymia Dukakis were equally as gripping in this quiet, realistic tale.

If it doesn't get an Oscar for somebody - there is REALLY something wrong with the distribution and/or with AMPAS.

come along everyone !

Give Sarah your votes.
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Palindromes (2004)
pay attention
25 April 2005
this is a complicated tale if you don't pay attention AND you expect a POV. give yourself a break and give in. DON'T make a judgment as soon as something appears on screen - you will not get to the pay-off portion of the film if you do judge. Todd has gone to a higher level here. all is not as it seems - as in most of his films. acting is very superb and disturbing, but don't give up. if you liked "dollhouse" and "happiness", then this shouldn't surprise you too much - but expect the usual groans in the audience that are newbies and the old "groossssssss" comments. snapping to conclusions? you should know better by now if you are an experienced viewer of Todd's films. give in and enjoy. no spoilers here - sorry.
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The Machinist (2004)
it works on a number of levels
5 October 2004
i just saw this at the Vancouver International Film Festival. astoundingly good. if you haven't seen any hitchcock films you won't get it because the tradition will be lost on you - but - i predict an Oscar for Christian Bale. you can't compare this with 6th sense, memento or anything else because the character "knows" precisely what is going on whereas you, the viewer do not - for the longest period of time. remember the argument for 'memento' - how does he remember that he has forgotten? best of the fest for me. flikstik
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a brilliant 25.44 mm of fun
13 June 2001
absolutely hysterical! thanks for another "psycho beach party" experience. so much fun to sing along with too. we walked out of the theatre humming "i put on my make up. turn on the 8 track. take the wig down from the shelf" john, you are a genius for the new millenium.
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Duze zwierze (2000)
the big animal has a big heart
13 June 2001
10 / 10 on this one. very poetic. the direction was splendid. metaphorically speaking this is a masterpiece about how we value the unexpected when it arrives on our doorstep - and how others can burden us within our bliss. genius.
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