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Æon Flux (2005)
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good fashion...awful plot, 1 June 2006

after watched theron in monster, aeonflux is like an oasis in sahara. however, that's the irony....nothing else is good in the movie. the plot??? i can't even find a word to describe it, it's sooo Hollywood...when i saw the casts i truly expect a better movie than this piece of crap actually. but to be fair, if you look at from the fashion point of view, i truly recommend this film...brilliant fashion, with a capital B, not to forget all Japanese taste through out the a sense of art and fashion, to be fair, i would say this is 100% good choice, however, reality check, we would like to see the whole movie, right? not just from certain point of view...i think you should rent it if you want to see it, don't bother to go to cinema

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a must see!!!!, 26 May 2006

totally awesome film...i think everybody should watch it, it's so can feel the chemistry between the four of them!!! dern as devoted yet fragile housewife matched by rufallo uncertainty, while watts as the seductive one just so excellent with capital E and matched by krauss vulnerability. it's just like an ordinary daily live when you watch it that just don't feel like watching movie...maybe the reality could be compared to "a home at the end of the world" truly it's so rare to find a film with all the right chemistry and a reality that's so advice is you should watch this movie at whatever won't regret a thing

Derailed (2005/I)
a total waste of time, 26 May 2006

the only thing that looks good in the movie was the dog!!! the plot was soooo predictable and there's no surprise to it, how come anyone ever think about create such film??? for me to watch that movie is total waste of time!!!! i personally like melissa george and jeniffer Winston, however it upset me a lot to saw them in just couldn't see the point of their character. it should be a good movie with a little twist ending, however...i don't know, it just don't feel right at all, i don't get the chemistry between owen and george, and to made it worse, the inconsistency of cassel's just don't feel right for me