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Favorite movie based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, 4 May 2017

You know, it really baffles me when people review a movie because they had read the original book and say it doesn't live up to the book. This is a movie review and NOT a book to movie comparison review. I think some people would want to know about this movie's existence and not how well it was scripted from the book. Of course, I really enjoyed this movie based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel after watching it on YouTube through my smart TV. But since I had never seen the 1926 and the 1995 version, this film from 1934 is the only version of the novel I now love. And also I think Disney fans would love to see this film, because Hardie Albright (Arthur Dimmsdale) was Bambi's adolescent voice.

I thought Pearl (in this film) was a cute kid, and it was sad the other kids won't play with her because they are "mini-versions" of their parents, including one punk-a** kid who takes after his battle-axe mom. As for the comedy between two original characters that everyone bashes about, I found it to be a "breath of fresh air" to a somber (yet beautifully told) story. Overall I really love this film; that is my last words.

Favorite Fox and Crow cartoon, 23 February 2017

This is the first Fox & Crow cartoon I had ever reviewed. I have had watched this cartoon series from Columbia Pictures on YouTube, and I'm starting to like those two guys as a fox-lover. This short has to be my favorite and it shows nice character study between the refined, fastidious fox and the loud, obnoxious, rough-neck "New-Yorkese" crow.

I thought the part where Crow shooting a toy Japanese warship with a real pistol in the bath and the "rapids ride" down the stairs, when the bath water was drain by the holes the gun made was a little funny. I like this cartoon because I would act out lines from it, and I would make those lines a little more funny. Overall, my last word is that it's a really good short, and I still think there should a DVD with all of the Fox & Crow cartoons.

Pepe le Pew's Casbah, 15 February 2017

"The Cat's Bah" is another cartoon favorite starring Pepe le Pew after watching the 1938 movie "Algiers," which gave some inspiration for Pepe's character. Also I had wondered what the Casbah is in the phrase "Come with me to the Casbah."

This cartoon is basically Pepe being interview about "the greatest love" of his life, and as his story unfolds we see him meet Penelope Pussycat as a pet of an American tourist; then white paint splats on her back from a ship painter's brush. This cartoon was also the first one in which Penelope's name was mention, and was officially given the name ever since.

As I had said before: I do not have one particular scene I like because I love this cartoon from beginning to end.

A funny Western starring Tweety, 14 February 2017

Here is another cartoon favorite starring Tweety, one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters too. I kind of like the idea of the Native American cats riding on bigger cats with mustang patterns like their human/horse counterparts. Mind you that this cartoon has a stereotypical depiction of Native American indians, but this cartoon is still a funny western to me.

I thought the other cats look like relatives of Sylvester because of their colors and since he's one of the "tribe" of cats trying to get Tweety. I don't have one particular scene that I like because I love this cartoon from beginning to end.

Falcon tomfoolery in another Speedy Gonzales favorite, 8 February 2017

As I had said, I have found negativity towards the Speedy Gonzales cartoons that were made in the late 1960s', but I frankly enjoy them including this one. In this Speedy cartoon, Sylvester doesn't want to lose face as a mouse-catcher, takes on falconry to catch the fastest mouse in all of Mexico. So that is all I have to say about the story - spoilers you know.

I thought the animation of Sylvester getting peck by Malcolm the falcon is really funny. I don't care if the rest of the animation is shoddy like most Looney Tunes fans think, but it's the story is what I love about this cartoon. So anyway, I thought this cartoon is another Speedy Gonzales favorite.

Another favorite Noveltoon with rhyming you would find in a children's book, 7 February 2017

Here is another "Noveltoon" I love after I had found it and watched it on YouTube. To me, it is like an adapt of a children's book version of the story of George Washington and the Cherry tree. The reason I had said "a children's book version," is because of the rhyming in this cartoon is like the rhyming you would find in books like Madeline and ones by Dr. Seuss.

I know you might hear this from me, but I thought the little animals and blue birds are really cute! And I say this a few times too, but I have nothing else to say about this cartoon, other than the animation is perfect. So anyway, this cartoon is another favorite Noveltoon.

Another instant anime favorite with stunning animation, 5 February 2017

Here is another instant anime favorite. As I had said, I am always on the look-out for new anime to watch and manga to read. So I had come across this violent and..."ecchi" manga (which I didn't know had that kind of content), and I thought it was really great. I had read all of the 3 translated volumes, and now it's one of my favorite manga series; I'm really into witches . I was really surprised that an anime adaptation of the manga had been made, so I had watched it online and love it.

The story is set during The Hundred Years' War, where a young French witch name Maria, who some unknown reasons despise the fighting and uses her illusions and familiars to intervene during battles. But as a powerful witch, news of her magic became known in Heaven and the Archangel Michael came to Maria. He warns her not to use magic publicly and say if she loses her virginity, her powers would be lost. To make sure Maria would not interfere, Michael send a young female angel Ezekiel to oversee that. I didn't know why the she was named "Ezekiel;" isn't it a male name?

So anyway, that is all I have to say about this anime series folks, and I love it for its story and stunning animation

Tweet Zoo (1957)
Looney Tunes' bird-and-cat duo at the Zoo, 3 February 2017

Tweety & Sylvester are one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters. This is also the first Tweety & Sylvester cartoon I had ever reviewed, and this cartoon is one of my favorites from the bird-and-cat duo. Another reason I love this cartoon is because I love the zoo, and in this cartoon Tweety is a zoo bird, until Sylvester opened the door to his cage and chases him.

I love the design on the zoo animals and Sylvester's fearful jabbering before: "Alligators!" that was really funny. Another line I love is Tweety's: "Ooh! You're a glutton, Mr. Elephant!" after being sucked up by the elephant's trunk, and spitted out. I know I say this a few times, but I'm sorry to said that I have nothing else to say about this cartoon other than the animation is perfect, and I thought it's another favorite.

Another Chuck Jones favorite besides "Go Fly a Kit", 29 January 2017

I remembered 10 years ago (or was it 9 years?) that I had seen this Chuck Jones cartoon on an episode of the 1970 TV series "The Merrie Melodies Show" before the TV went from Analog to Digital. I never thought much about it until I had watched the uncensored version online now it is another Chuck Jones favorite besides "Go Fly a Kit" - top favorite that is.

The story is basically a satirical take on the English re-telling of "Tom Thumb" published by Joseph Jacobs. Now I'm not sure if there is a pun intended for Merlin's full given name. It was hard for me to choose which cartoon adaptation of the fairy-tale I love: this one or the 1948 cartoon from Paramount called "The Mite Makes Right." I would say that I love both cartoons. I also love the vocal talents of Richard Peel and Julie Bennett as Mr. and Mrs George Ebenezer Thumb.

OH! I almost forgot to mention that Chuck had done a Tom Thumb short 23 years ago called "Tom Thumb In Trouble." But I love this short better.

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Another Bugs Bunny/Wile E. Coyote favorite, 27 January 2017

This is another favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon that features Wile E. Coyote as an adversary. You know, this is one of the last three Bug/Wile E. cartoons before the original Warner Bros. cartoon studio shut down in 1964.

I love the part where Wile E. lunges at Bugs and falls into the cauldron of water intended for the rabbit. And Wile E.'s eyes and nose peered out of the water to glare at Bugs during his: "Oh Father! You're stewed again!" I also love it when Wile E. mentions the "dynamite-in-the-carrot" idea, Bugs screams and Wile E. freaks, falls on his face, and then Bugs: "That it'd hurt." So anyway, this is another Bugs Bunny favorite.

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