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Skip It, 29 November 2010

I gave this movie 5 stars just for the fact that it attempted to have some kind of a cohesive plot line that tied in with the first movie, and it has some decent performances. Other than that its pretty much a waste of time and money. What I liked about the first one is that it really messed with your physique after you walked out of the theater. This one falls back more on "gotcha" moments with abrupt sounds and doors slamming. I found it quite boring at some parts. If you're a person who gets scared easily you might find this a good thrill, but other than that, there is nothing great about this second installment. My only fear is the way it ended, there could possibly be a third!

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one of the best action films of the year!, 29 November 2010

Inspired by true events, "Unstoppable" tells the incredible story of veteran engineer Barnes and the young conductor Colson. Both are thrown together on this one fateful day on the same train. As they butt heads and reveal their own stories to each other another unfortunate event is taking place at the Pennsylvania train yard. A conductor's mistake causes a train to go rouge and unmanned. A Leviathan breaking through everything in its path at top speed. Can the train be stopped or will it all end in tragedy? Tony Scott has crafted an awesome action thrill ride. Washington, Pine and Dawson are superb and really own their characters and their flaws. The cinematography is gritty and compliments the films story. There are some great action sequences especially the end. "Unstoppable" is smart, fun and one of the best action films of the year, go see it!!

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127 Hours (2010)
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between a rock and a hard place, 29 November 2010

Watching the first 30 minutes of 127 hours is like bathing your senses with the great outdoors. Watching the last 30 minutes is like a dream where your senses are numbing slowly only to be jolted once again with a charge of redemption. Danny Boyle captures the exhilaration of an outdoor adventure in such beautiful and creative ways. Its all a fun ride until our hero Aron falls in to a crevice and gets his arm stuck between a boulder and the cavern wall. Here is where he has his big oops moment, because you see, Aron never told anyone where he was going and for how long. On top of that he forgot his one essential tool, the ''Swiss army knife". Which later would have come in great use when he cuts his own arm off. Oh yes, he does and its gruesome. (but not to the point where anyone would faint. I've heard the stories and I don't get it, its not that bad.) It is here where his journey of survival begins. As he hallucinates and ponders on all the things that he done in his life, the girl he loved, and the family he'll miss. We the audience can't help but question ourselves, what would we do? Based on the unbelievable true story of Aron Ralston, "127 hours" is a rousing achievement in film making. Its a gorgeous looking film yet under the direction of Danny Boyle it definitely has an Indie touch. You know you're going to see something different. Much of the time is spent with James Franco's character and for this reason he has to be completely present and captivating. Franco's knocks it out of the park, he is fantastic in this role and does an amazing job taking us on his character's emotional roller coaster ride. A.R. Rahman joins Boyle for the second time and nails the music. It has a wonderful soundtrack. This fantastic true tale of human survival and the power to live in not to be missed! *for more no nonsense, honest and thoughtful reviews check out the movie worth your time.

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is Harry Potter Oscar Worthy?, 28 November 2010

From the beginning I have been a fan of the movies. I never had the interest to pick up a Harry Potter book. OK OK, I'm lying I did read "The Goblet of Fire" and enjoyed it very much, but the first movie is what really got me hooked to J.K. Rowling's magical world. "The Deathly Hallows Part one" is certainly a departure from the rest of the series and is a breath of fresh air. Even though I loved the Quidditch matches, and the fun times at Hogwarts, I honestly did not miss it watching this film. Yes, they are grown up and the film itself is quite dark but there is room for some wonderful special effect sequences and comedic moments that aren't forced and arise from the situation. I love how each character has evolved and in this one the actors really have to dig deeper to convey their emotions. The acting is definitely better in this than any other Potter film, and the clear stand out for me was Emma Watson. I think artistically she was always the underdog when it came to acting. For me she really did steal the show in this one. The pacing of the film becomes a bit slow in the second act but it's never boring. The characters struggles amongst each other are quite fun to watch. David Yates has really captured the spirit of Harry Potter and the urgency it needed before it reaches its spectacular conclusion. We will have to wait til July 2011 for that, but for now the first part will have to do. Another wonderful extra to this film is a fantastically animated story explaining the story of "The Deathly Hallows". It was a real treat!

This is not only one of the best Potter films but in my opinion is one of the best films of the year. If there was ever a Potter film that would be considered for an Academy Award or at least a Golden Globe, this would be it. I remember back in 2003, when "Return of the King" hit theaters and watching it there was a sense of conclusion, an "epic-ness" of something great coming to an end. It was felt throughout the audience. I felt much of the same vibe watching "The Deathly Hallows". I love this movie, it is my favorite of the series and I hope part two is just as good if not better. Go see it!

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