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One Word Review, 17 July 2002


Thats all this film needs. Characters were well developed, and consistant. The consistancy in fact, is what makes this movie as hysterical as it is. Mannerisms and quirks all tie in together creating a harmony.

Well written, well directed, well acted, well done!

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A fascinating movie, 17 July 2002

I am not a horror flick fan, but this was not horror. It wasn't even thriller really because of the story line that goes with it. After reading several of the reviews, I found that people were concentrating too much on the 'ghost' part of the story - leaving them to feel empty, when really, all you needed to do was watch the movie without reservations.

Since I am not a reviewer that feels the need to spill the story, I will leave you with one final comment.

Many times movies are made and they are over produced, containing too much special effects (obviously ruining the realism of the movie). This film does not do any of that. The characters are developed, the story is engrossing, and it leaves you with one word at the end.


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Great Documentary, but see them live, 9 May 2002

I just bought tickets to see them live, for the second time (Omara this time). This documentary is great, and introduces jazz fans to a whole new level. It is moving to see, and hear the stories that come out of these old souls.

If you get the chance to see them live - DO IT! It is hands down, the most amazing concert/show I have ever seen. And I have seen many.

Ali (2001)
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50 Min Into the Film..., 3 May 2002

I have been watching this film for 50 minutes and there is no story. If I am absolutely bored to tears tomorrow, maybe I will consider finishing it. The film itself is visually pleasing. The script is lacking in so many ways I can not begin to explain. For now, I would rather be sleeping.

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Good Cop Bad Cop Drivel, 2 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's just hand out Oscars to every actor who plays a one dimensional tough guy.

Hawke steals the show (what show there was to steal),a fundamentally pointless plot, with a predictable ending.


I think Denzel Washington's acting skills shone most in the very last scene - flailing like an epileptic while bullets passed through him. Simply hilarious.

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Just watch it, 26 January 2002


If you have seen the usual suspects, you know that if someone tells you what happens it ruins the WHOLE movie.

So stop reading.. and watch.

Absolutely a GREAT Movie..., 18 October 2001

How rare it is that a chick flick gets meshed so well with a movie that a guy could watch without finding himself desiring to make little men out of cheese doodles.

This movie was hilarious, and at the same time sweet. Women can relate and men can laugh. It really is a great movie.

I was hesitant to bother with it, and would never have subjected my boyfriend to it, but now that I have seen it, I would actually go so far as to say its ownable.

Renee is wonderful, Hugh played a fabulous slime ball and the real star of the show was the guy who played the keeper.. Name? I can't remember! I was too enthralled in the end scene.

Its the opening scene that was the stealer though, any woman can relate, and men can have a little view of our little insanities.

9/10 no half marks allowed.

Pollock (2000)
If you are experiencing insomnia... rent Pollock., 7 October 2001

The tagline to this movie should have been

"biggest sleeper of 2000"

I am not lying when I say I fell asleep 4 times in this movie... you know the short little sleeps you have when you wake up hoping that the movie somehow got good? Even though I only slept for a scattered 20 min of the show (my boyfriend kept moving and waking me) he agreed that there was absolutely NO character development. You are sitting there going "why why WHY!!!"


save your money... rent something good... unless of course you need to sleep.

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Interestingly Shot, Well Acted, Entertaining, 9 August 2001

The highlight of this movie was in the directing. Because it was shot in black and white, it brought a depth to a movie that had little to go on script-wise. What made this movie an 8 in my opinion was the use of music, the use of the black and white, and the girl in the movie, who I found more compelling than the main character. There isn't much to give away, as the story itself holds no baring to the beauty of the movie. Its the silence that tells the story in this flick :)

Sit down in a dark room, and enjoy.

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The Theory of Living to 402 is born!, 6 August 2001

So I am going to tell a little story.

Me and my best friend are going to live til we are 402 together. We will be sitting in our easy chairs, with our easy walkers in reach, and we will die together. This movie highlights why girls have best friends - and after seeing it, you never want to leave them.

It is obviously a chick movie - but its a good one at that. I don't care what it was rated (and I am, a self-proclaimed movie snob) it has wonderful memories.. so girls.. get out there, and rent it with your best friend. You wont regret it.

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