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In the order in which they were made, 46 of the best, most well-made, acted, photographed, written, and directed movies I've had the pleasure to see.
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From most worst, to least worst, 16 movies that were nearly painful to sit through. I know it seems as though I'm picking on Hal Needham and Irwin Allen, but it's purely coincidental.
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In chronological order, movies I saw at the Cinema 150 Theater, in Little Rock, Arkansas. The unique domed movie theater was a landmark in Little Rock, for nearly 40 years. It had a 70-foot 120-degree curved screen, and seated 740 people in semi-round tiers. I saw many good movies there, and have some very fond memories of them, and the theater, itself. It was closed in 2003, and demolished in 2015. A very sad day for Little Rockians of my generation.
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Mainstream stars who worked with Elvis, in the movies, many of them before they became mainstream stars.
a list of 22 characters
In honor of Mother's Day, in no particular order, the greatest, most memorable TV Moms.
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In chronological order, characters played by more than one Actor/Actress during the run of a regular TV series (Not counting pilots, or theatrical versions).
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The greatest frequently-paired motion picture personalities, over the years. Discounting those who were generally accepted as a team, and seldom seen one without the other, such as Laurel and Hardy, and Abbott and Costello, and boyfriend/girlfriend, or man/wife pairings, such as Eastwood and Locke, or Bronson and Ireland.
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12 of the toughest, ass-kickingest, name-taking cops in Hollywood history.
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...Of the 23 in the Albert R. Broccoli series, from most to least.
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In alphabetical order, Celebrities I've met, however briefly.
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In honor of Father's Day, in no particular order, the greatest, most memorable television Dads.
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A special Christmas Season list of the best portrayals of Charles Dickens' 'Ebenezer Scrooge', over the years.