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A bleak & startling movie, 16 May 2001

Film recounts resistance to Hitler from 1933 until the July 1944 attempt on Hitler's life, when all unraveled. Interviews with widows of some of the conspirators & with people the conspirators helped out of Germany.

Is there a greater understatement than when Frau von Moltke says, "I really think they [the Nazis] did Germany a great disservice when they killed him [her husband]." It's so amazing that so many Germans in govt. & military absolutely hated Hitler but so few did anything. [Generals hated Hitler because of a) the Hitler oath & b) the Roehm putsch, in which several generals died.] Until he was executed, Adm. Canaris's office spent most of the war fouling up German intel. reports & producing false passports. Ask yourself whether you could keep a high-level job for 5 years & not only never once do what you were supposed to do but do everything you could to sabotage the outfit you worked for.

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