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Carrying on the tradition of Local Hero and Whisky Galore, 7 October 2014

What a great film this is, carrying on in the Great British tradition of Local Hero and Whisky Galore. It has been a long time since I heard such laughter in a cinema and everyone came out with smiles. Now it's not some daft children's film, on the surface it looks a simple feel good romp, but it's not, it goes to very interesting places and it really took me by surprise. Set in Scotland it looks superb (I'm a sucker for the Scottish landscape), The child actors are simply stunning (their scenes with their Grandfather are beautiful) the script (apparently improvised at times sparkles with fun and creativity. How I recommend this film to anyone wanting a great trip to the cinema but please don't research it too much, watch out for spoilers and avoid them. Come to the film fresh as I did. Enjoy.

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fear not folks, it is very funny, 25 July 2007

what more can I say. the movie is a return to the glory days of the show, those ever yellow times when Homer jumped the gorge, when alien ants threatened the earth and the mono rail came to town. If any of that made sense to you then this is the film to go for this weekend. It is a laugh a minute, unlike most comedy films which seem to think funny is a dirty word. I have to say it is NOT really a kids film (although a child sitting near me was crying with laughter) as some of the lines are very naughty and near the bone. I am keen to see it again to catch all the gags I missed. And thank God Ricky Gervais was not allowed anywhere near it (his TV episode stunk!). So if you're up to you knees in flood water or suffering from some other global disaster right now and fancy a good time your local multiplex is the place to go. Lets face it we all need a laugh right now.

why hasn't this gem see the light of day on DVD?, 27 July 2006

I will never forget watching this super little film playing with Monty Python's Life of Brian at a packed screening at Shefield's ABC cinema (how sad this massive old cinema was demolished). This loving recreated travelogue with a brilliant twist was the perfect warm up for the python's finest hour and the memory of all those people crying with laughter has stayed with me. why it has not been added as an extra on a Life of Brian DVD i have no idea. It was shown along with a number of Terry Gilliam Christmas Card inspired cartoons involving cowboys chasing the three wise men. I really hate to say this but in those good old days you got value for money in British cinemas.

The Phone Box (1972) (TV)
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a long lost shocker, 13 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Perhaps this film has suffered the same fate as the poor chap in the telephone box as it has sadly vanished without a trace. I was amazed to even find it on these pages. I have to agree with all that the other reviewer said about this sadly neglected shocker. I also caught it on the BBC, late night mixed in with horror double bills if my memory serves me well. It was a perfect example of a low budget short. Even, after all these years it still lingers in my memory. I wish it would be shown again, after all the recent screenings of the BBC's The Signalman and their M R James dramatisations were well received and La Cabina is as effective as those.