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Good , but could be better, 1 September 2011

Well well well , i had a couple of choices of movies to watch tonight , and i wanted something different .This is an Australian production. So i decided to pick this movie and watch it . First of all it got the actress Viva Bianca .So if anyone has seen the HBO TV series "Spartacus" , you'd recognize her from there . Without going into too much detail , the plot is about too call-girls(hookers) who meet , by chance(fate) and then they see something which ends up making them go on a roller coaster ride .

For me i enjoyed it , but not thoroughly . Its one of those movie which you are bound to forget soon enough . The acting was alright , and the story it could have been done in a much better way . There was more running around than story telling . However if it wasn't for Viva bianca id probably wouldn't find it so entertaining . The film had a lot of nudity , but not enough of violence or abusive language which normally helps .It started of well , then somewhere in the middle it got lost and the ending came a bit too quick as if the movie was hurried . Overall , id give it a 5 out of 10

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Good Flick, 29 August 2011

So i just got done watching this flick . I think this was a straight 2 DVD flick . Nevertheless it was mildly entertaining and a good story enough to not get you bored . Also this is the director first time directing a movie so i guess he managed to do a good job . Firstly without revealing too much , its about a boxer who has moved from America to bangkok for certain reasons and meets up with this so called "fan" . I don't think i ever got bored in the film , and i kinda like these low budget / not so Hollywood type movies . Actors in the film do a good job in their roles and everyone did a decent job without over reacting . There is a certain climax in the end , so look out for that too .

Overall i would give this move a 6.5 . Not more , Not less

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Im Sucker Punched All Right :), 27 March 2011

So i recently went to see los angeles :battlefield , and while we were climbing up the escalator we saw this huge poster of Sucker Punch . Well while the poster looked kick ass we wondered how this was going to be . I mean it has chicks , guns/knifes and robots .What more could you ask for right ? :D

Well today i went for the movie and i got exactly what i asked for . Some people will compare it to the recent movies but i must say this movie can hold its ground of its own . The dialogues/quotes are awesome . I can even remember them now . The movie is like sailormoon with guns haha. If you fall in the age group of 15-30 and are into games /anime im sure you will like this one . people above that age might probably find it a bore . Remember this is a fantasy/role play movie so i suggest you keep your brain at home , and watch the movie for the mindless slashing and dicing of enemies . Also keep on the look out for the beauitful colours/visuals . This is the same director (zack snyder) who has given us hits like 300 and watchmen . And he doesn't fail to let go of his imagination and bring us another hit.

Also im sure you are going to enjoy the soundtrack which captivated me from the beginning to end .


Regards Kenrickf India

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a totally feel good movie, 31 January 2010

let me start by saying that this is an excellent rom com for everyone. i just watched this movie and i really really enjoyed it. this movie is not for everyone ? if you ask why i say that. now most of you love those typical cliché endings . but this is not one of them . its not typically cliché . it has its moments . but i feel its something different . you might find the movie weird in the end , but thats what i like about it . all of us all the time cant have the movies end the same way all the time . you need to have something different and you need to experience something different. i think justin and catherine did a awesome job