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House M.D.: No Reason (2006)
Season 2, Episode 24
Was It Only A Dream...
24 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This episode has it all- the usual fascinating patient presenting horrific symptoms, the usual angst of House versus everyone- including himself, and the challenge to the audience of wondering where reality leaves off and fantasy begins. House takes every encounter, even when he is reading someone else the riot act, and turns it against himself, striving to satiate the ravenous appetite of his sense of self-loathing, run amok.

In this episode, as he falls victim to a seemingly senseless act of violence, we see more clearly than ever before the depth of his true compassion as a healer and a human. He grapples with the fact that no matter how he struggles to isolate himself emotionally from those around him, he is woven inextricably in a web of humanity that will not allow him to escape into an emotionally safe place of impersonal detachment from the lives of those who depend upon him- personally and professionally.

In the end, the wrestling match he has endured over the course of the episode, as he grapples with giving up the crutch of his physical disability and the excuse it provides for emotional isolation, and removing that infirmity as a means of punishing himself, is resolved in the most elegant fashion in the last moments of the episode.

This was the most excellent episode of House to date, with elements to fascinate and titillate every aspect of the audience's interests, from the physical and brutish, to the erotic, to the intensely intellectual and moral dimension as he contemplates his true responsibilities to his fellow physicians and patients alike.
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