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Good Movie, Great Man, 25 October 2005

Pierre Elliot Trudeau was arguably the most revolutionary, energetic, and representative Prime Minister in Canadian history. He embodied the spirit of an entire generation of Canadians. It was his passion and dedication to a just and egalitarian society that guided several generations of Canadians through some of the most difficult and defining times of our nation's past. This film, a tender sequel to CBC's triumphant 'Trudeau' is not as mainstream, but still an educational and entertaining movie experience. This film depicts the events that shaped the great Prime Minister's existence. The film revolves around the various relationships that Trudeau had with the women of his life. Another dramatic and important relationship the film portrays is his confrontational attitude towards Quebec's non-secularism of the mid-twentieth century. Trudeau believed in the separation of church and state and was a pioneer in Quebec and one of the first to stand up to totalitarian premier Maurice Duplessis. The miniseries is definitely political, but it appeals to all Canadians who are interested in learning more about their past and the great man who shaped their way of life. It serves as an educational tool for any foreigner wishing to learn more about a leader many contemporaries have compared to John F. Kennedy. It may not be perfect, but it is a loving tribute to a man who deserves nothing less.

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No Suspense, No terror, No Good!!!, 24 July 2001

What was it that made the original Jurassic Park so amazing...The simplicity, the wonder, the amazement, and of course the suspense. I have seen a lot of movies, and when I say a lot that's exactly what i mean. I have never seen a more suspenseful moment in all of those films than the simple thumping of the approaching T-Rex and the soft rippleing of the water in the glass...what made this scene so suspenseful you may ask? The simplicity. You know it's coming and the charactors know it too. In the third film, the director (Joe Johnson) relied far too much on dinosaurs jumping out to startle the audience. Now these moments are good and all, but the sad part is that out of all of the moments like this in JP3 the one that made me jump the highest was a suspended bridge falling apart.

If your going to make a sequel you cannot stray too far from the original. This movie looked different, and acted different, and quite frankly, that p***es me off! In the first two, the raptors were smart, very smart, but in this one they've become smartyer than the humans, and the audience. The movie dragged on ridiculously for the last hour, and the opening scene was so pathetic i almost broke out laughing! It was predictable, and there was far too much comic relief. Now, who was the favorite charactor of the first two films? not Alan Grant, or Ian was the Rex, who was smart and chose not to take a starring role in such an obscure picture. It showed up for 2 minutes...sweriously...then it was killed by this all powerful spinosaurus...which by the way, if Ingen had really made such a super predator, why wasn't it mentioned in either of the previous films?!? The facts are clear...Spielbergs movies were so honest, and simple. Johnsons film relied on cheesy lines and poor effects. (You'd swear to god you wer watching clay mation dinosaurs stampeding below the plane.) Go see the movie, maybe you'll like it. But if you loved the first two, and i men really loved them, like me, chances are, you won't enjoy this movie too much at all...

Jurassic Park 9.5/10 The Lost World 7/10 Jurassic Park III 3/10