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"Heroes" (2006/II)
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My new favorite show, 21 November 2006

I have fallen in love with heroes. Its my new favorite show, i love all the characters and how different they are. I am a big fan of all mutant type of movies or shows, like X-men so i just knew i would love it. My favorite character is Hiro, i think he's so funny and Niki i think her power is so cool. I also love the whole Claire thing and how her dad knows all about who she is, yet she's still trying to figure it out. I think the show has some great story lines, and fun episodes that keep me hooked. The only think that i do have to comment on, is the fact that they made Zach, Claires friend, gay. Call me a hopeless romantic but i had hoped that there would be a sort of love thing going on there, but i guess thats impossible. It really bummed me out though. But aside from that i love this show and will definitely keep on watching.

Watch It You Wont Regret It, 26 September 2006

i am 15 years old and i got STAND BY ME the deluxe edition about 1 week ago. And did i like it? No, I LOVED it. what an amazing movie. and yes i am a teenager so i'll say it River Pheonix is beyond hot, and i am so sad that he died. but aside from that this movie is great and has become my favorite. the actors are incredible. the 4 boys do an amazing job. Gordie is the sensitive and intelligent boy played so well by Wil Wheaton, Chris is the "bad kid" as he has been labeled but brings the peace when something is wrong played wonderfully by River Pheonix. Teddy is crazy yet sensitive, at least about his dad, played by Corey Feldman (i love the seen where he's standing guard and he wont shut up and let the other boys sleep.) And Vern the scaredy cat of the group played by Jerry O'Connel. Plus an excellent performance by Keifer Sutherland as the very mean and dangerous Ace. This movie has everything, its not too fluffy and soft that only a girl should watch it and its not way too tough that only a boy can watch. Anybody can watch this movie and fall in love with it, like i have. If you have not watched this movie Watch it you wont regret it.

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I tried to like it, 23 May 2006

I normally don't watch season premiers but then end up loving the show. This time i did watch the season premiere. It was OK a little boring but i thought it would get better. i gave it a shot but it just didn't work for me. This show just got more and more boring by the minute. they overdue the drama when they don't need to and there is no excitement or fun listening to a bunch of kids whining about their sex and love lives. The actors don't even look like their trying they look bored too. Very bad show. The WB has been taking good shows off the air and putting bad shows in. I really tried to like it but i just couldn't watch it. i watched 5 minutes of the season finale and was instantly bored. more drama that just wasn't necessary. don't waste 1 hour of your life watching a show that just isn't worth it.