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Keith (I) (2008)
A touching love story with outstanding performances!
12 October 2008
I have been awaiting this movie for about two years, and I was not disappointed.

Besides having an excellent and gripping story, the performances from Harnois and McCartney were purely exceptional. As far as I'm concerned, this amazing film should have been released mainstream, as it would have been a huge success.

Apart from capturing your attention, pulling you in and keeping you there, this movie will leave a mark on your heart that you will remember forever.

Watch it.
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Delightful Departure!
23 May 2007
I thought this was a highly entertaining, sweet, and though somewhat of a departure for the stooges, fresh picture. I thought they played their parts well, adding the correct emotional drama, which was really amazing to see from slapstick comedians. I completely enjoy this film, and have watched it over and over again. A die-hard fan of the Three Stooges, I was not at all upset, but rather pleased with their attempt to reach out and try something more. There are plenty of laughs hidden in the film, just pay attention to the dialog rather than wait for Moe to reach out and slap someone. If you're looking for a film that will please the entire family, not just the adults, this is also a great choice. It's funny, clean and elating to watch, as all the Three Stooges pictures are. All in all, this is an excellent film in every way, and, if you're not looking for traditional Stooge laughs, you will be quite pleased!
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At World's End
21 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have read the novelization of this movie, and unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the ending. I feel that the movie is left wide open for a fourth, and I felt incomplete reading the book. Unfortunately, I also remained full of questions after reading the novelization, and whether it be my lack of knowledge about details or simply bad hits on the part of the movie, I fear that that movie goers and fans alike will be disappointed with the way this movie turned out. Otherwise, I'm excited to see the actual acting, which I hope will compensate for lack of taste on the screen writing. Perhaps an actual viewing of the movie will turn my opinion around; I really hope it does. I don't want to be disappointed with any movie in the POTC set! If it doesn't completely work out, I'll be content with seeing Johnny Depp.
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