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Arthur (2011/I)
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Great review of this film!, 9 April 2011

Film director Matthew Toffolo wrote an interesting review of this film.

You can read it here:

It's about how perhaps the studio bosses were scared of presenting the THEME of "the best things in life are free" angle.

And how we as a society are obsessed with owning things and why.

How the things we own at times really own us? And perhaps that what the movie should of been about.

Also, it's hard to relate to a billionaire man/child in today's current world.

Kind of a strange move for Hollywood, isn't it? Giving us a story about a rich guy who isn't happy! Oh poor him!

Scoop (2006)
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Completely terrible, 22 September 2006

This movie was so bad I don't know where to begin. First off, let's all pretend that it was a unknown filmmaker who made this film. Then let's pretend again that is was unknown actors in the lead roles. So we watch this film and we wonder how this ever got financing. This movie obviously was about 2 drafts away from being ready to be shot. And the directing was terrible. My DOP friend shoots better things by accident on his DVX-100 camera than this film. Bad, bad, bad. Come on people! We all have to admit this. This man of once great filmmaker has completely lost it. And I think he knows it too. We all need to do a boycott. Especially the actors out there who still need that Woody Allen film on their resume.

Good experimental Film, 24 August 2006

I think this film was shot on 8mm. Cool little film. Saw it at a film festival in NYC. Right in the middle of some pretty 35mm shorts. This film didn't look that great, but I think that was the point. Sort of Home Movies of a person's life from birth to death without using a person in the entire film.

The sound effects told the story with the simple images. Whoever did the sound design on this film is very talented. They nailed the emotions of the different stages of life. Cool idea for a film. It was fun to see something different than the usual shorts I see at festivals. Good to see some originality. Best experimental I've seen....well it's probably the only good experimental film I've seen.

Headhunter (2004/II)
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Great story, average execution, 22 May 2006

This film could of been great. But the director doesn't seem to know what story he's suppose to tell. Who's story is it? Is it the Priest's or the Headhunter's. In a 20 minute piece, you have to have a main character. This film sort of just shoots whatever, like its a documentary. It doesn't have a visual theme at all and its a disappointment because the script is so solid. I think the writer directed this piece which sometimes is a huge mistake. The guy can write, no question, but can he direct? This piece doesn't seem so. I understand what he's trying to say, but we're left without any emotion or feeling at all. Like we invested our time in the film and we come away not really caring what happened. Its too bad too, because you can see if it was made with the right hands, this could of been a great short.