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common now yall aint keepin it real, 12 July 2001

I don't have a lot to say about this movie. I watched it last night on dvd and the director shows all of the scenes where the audience should have done a "double take". I thought that was great because this movie had more twists than a cha-cha dancer. The stereo-type references are just for comedy. I guess Freddie could have been a straight laced FBI agent. Where is the humor in that? Lighten up. It was a funny movie filled with a whole lot of confusion and action. I liked it.

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new angle on dracula rocks, 8 July 2001

This movie was great. This was by far the cutest Dracula I have ever seen. I think the ending and explanation of Drac was believable and it actutally made better sense than the old explanations of him. I never could figure out how a person could go from a perishable human to an immortal soul with out the help of the Creator of us all. I never saw the link to the myth and the person in history that this guy should logically be. Based on his hatred of crosses and needing blood to live. Blood is a key factor because he helped spill the life blood of the entire human race with his betrayal. I don't want to give the suprise away so I will finish by saying ...Keep an open mind and enjoy this great movie.

It was not thaaat bad, 8 July 2001

I know a few things that are worst. A few. It had a couple of funny scenes. It is a movie not appropriate for kids but, only a child would find this movie hilarious. This is definetly a movie that you would like to use a free rental coupon for. Don't waste your money just to laugh a couple of times.

action so intense your head will hurt, 8 May 2001

I took my 9 year old and my Godchildren (4&2) to see this movie and they loved it!! There was very little, if any profanity maybe 3 curse words. No worst than what would be heard at home. No nudity. The closest was Anuk sun Amun's paint clothes (that look just like real clothes). The action was intense but not gross. you were able to see that people were being eaten by beatle bugs without seeing blood and gore. My kids were prentending to be Brendan Frasier and The Scorpion King all night long. Even the web site for this movie is fun. I highly recommmend it and felt that It was so intense that it took my breath away. The plots are abundant but they tie in very nicely to the first mummy. (remember when Evie told Ric that her mother was Egyptian and that was part of why she was so intrigued with ancient history artifacts?) There is very little that is not explained if you just listen. This movie is well over 2 hours long but it only feels like 1 hour because of all the travels you will be going on. No one sits still or even sleeps in this adventure.

Spy Kids (2001)
The best family movie of the in the last 10 years, 4 April 2001

This movie was so great. I was expecting a very typical kiddie movie and what I got was an edge of your seat clean adventure. Where the bad guys did not have to stay bad but, good and love did defeat all. I found myself telling every one at work that they needed to see this movie even if they had no children. I was very pleased with the characters and the plot even had a couple of twists that were a bit unexpected. I loved it !!!!

Dogma (1999)
this movie rocks, 3 March 2001

I liked this movie so much that it is the movie for all seasons in my house. I realize that it appears Blastphemous. I am not a heathen but, I really thought that this movie was deep,even if Kevin wants us to compare this piece of real work to the pointless Platypus. I found myself really appreciating the mind that wrote this and yet knowing that I would be one of the few people that could honestly say "oh yeah, that makes sense!" I really love this movie.

Monkeybone (2001)
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great effects, 3 March 2001

Very sweet but predictable movie. Brendan is super cute as always and Whoopie was funny as usual. It was not for kids. It is for 13 and up for sure. It was original in a done over kind of way. It was the same story line we have seen for the past 1000 years but, it was all in all an ok movie.

great movie, 2 March 2001

This movie was great. It is a very well kept secret and Hilarious. I stumbled across it the other night and I have been talking about it ever since. I think that we all have a friend like Matt in our lives. I would recommend this for anyone who loves to laugh and see love in the making.