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The Funniest Russian Cartoon Yet!, 2 August 2007

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OMG, Kot Leopold is so darn cool! It is also funny because this cartoon pokes fun at the cat & mouse rivalry and it has lots of cat & mouse jokes! I also like the two mice because (1) the white mouse is cute, and (2) the gray one makes me laugh! Well, I mean, I didn't like that cartoon at first, but now I do! I love how the mice try to play pranks on Leopold although most of their plans turn against them! I also like how the mice get caught in the ending, which causes them to ask Leopold to forgive them. When I started watching it for the first time, I immediately laughed my pants off! I also love it when Leopold says "Rebyata, davaite' zhit druzhno (which means "Guys, let's live in friendship")! I'm giving it 10 stars and I can't wait to get that cartoon on DVD one day! It is a must-see cartoon for even teenagers, and if you think I speak beginner Russian, then you're wrong cuz I've been adopted in America (New Jersey) by a Russian couple! If you like cartoons about cats and mice and if you love comedy, then this cartoon (VHS or DVD) is for you!

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Gotta like it!, 1 September 2006

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Well, I just rented that game back in the fifth grade and I kinda liked it. I mean, I may not like Poke'Mon, but it doesn't mean that I hate that game (it's a fun game, seriously)! I've beaten most of the Gym Leaders except Clair, Elite Four and Kanto trainers! The first Gym Leader is the easiest boss to beat alive! I also like to use "Sleep" attacks sometimes although I don't like doing this to Dark-type Poke'Mon (but I did one of them, which looks like a sickle weasel creature). Besides, I think Dark-type creatures are hot! One thing I don't like is the Team Rocket gym battle because I feel sorry for the Poke'Mon they were using. But sadly, I just couldn't get Mewtwo, Ho-Oh or Lugia *sniff*! Sad, isn't it? Well, just so you know, I MISS POKE'MON STADIUM 2!!!!!!!

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Great at first, 30 July 2006

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Well, when i rented this game, it got hard at first, but then I got used to it. The meowing flowers are creepy and most snails excluding Gary and the racing snails remind me of Lary the Snail. And you know what? The Flying Dutchman had possessed Gary which he started with to be his slave forever! Then he possessed Mr. Krabs, then possessed Squidward, then possessed Sandy, then tried to possess Patrick but just takes him away instead. Then he tries to run over SpongeBob with the ship he stole from a sailor. Then he tries to possess SpongeBob but can't because due to having found most treasures, SpongeBob is immune to his magic. And then he avenges his friends in the end of the game.

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Just ridiculous, 24 July 2006

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I've seen this movie several times and I was disgusted, especially when you see a hockey trio having a competition against the animated hockey team and when you see a wolf running after a rabbit. And plus, you get to see some woman dressed as a cowboy and you get to hear Koroleva, Vaikule, Leontiev, Buinov and Dolina sing in English. In the "Rasputin" video, you get to see two African American women in Egyptian attire. You also get to see the Eskimos wandering around and plus, there is Chris Norman and Gloria Geynor. And there's also plenty of Russian cartoons serving as cameos in this DVD. Russian cartoons?! Are you kidding me?! Well, I gave this DVD 2 out of 10 stars.

Some songs OK, others weird, 24 July 2006

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Well, at Fina Targan's (my foster mother's friend) house, I decided to try this DVD and it's silly, especially with Lolita with two feathers on her black hat. I mean, the "Dancing Queen" video is quite nice because I like Orbakaite's hairstyle. I also seem to like Alex Buinov's "Let My People Go" video just fine. But unfortunately, all other songs are ridiculous, like when you see a pilot die and you immediately get to see some guy looking like a woman while performing in Hell, and when you get to see a sailor dancing with animated chairs, and that "Felicita" video. Felicita?! Are you kidding me?! Well, maybe I might think about getting this DVD, along with its siblings one day.