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His favorite film of this era is Battle Royale, but the rest are listed alphabetically.
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A homework assignment for myself.
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A list for Josh Horneman. I know you will have seen most of these movies, but hopefully there are some new ones here as well. Enjoy, sir.
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Must watch movies about time travel. Part of a series of "homework assignments" working towards her movie education. Movies are listed in no particular order.
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Must watch list for David Strahan
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There are hundreds of extremely worthy films that have been made over the years that deal with the issue of mental illness, but these ones are fantastic and (in most cases) very educational. They deal with issues across a broad spectrum of mental illnesses, disorders, and clinical psychoses. Films are listed in chronological order, with the conditions they deal with in the notes. Enjoy!
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Betsy homework assignment II
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Betsy homework assignment I