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The Guardian (2006/I)
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Worthy of audience applause, 8 September 2006

I attended an advance screening of this film not sure of what to expect from Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher; both have delivered less than memorable performances & films. While the underlying "general" storyline is somewhat familiar, this film was excellent. Both Costner and Kutcher delivered powerful performances playing extremely well off each other. The human frailties and strengths of their respective characters were incredibly played by both; the scene when Costner confronts Kutcher with the personal reasons why Kutcher joined the Coast Guard rescue elite was the film's most unforgettable emotional moment. The "specific" storyline was an education in itself depicting the personal sacrifice and demanding physical training the elite Coast Guard rescuers must go through in preparation of their only job & save lives at sea. The special effects of the rescue scenes were extremely realistic and "wowing"...I haven't seen such angry seas since "The Perfect Storm". Co-star Clancy Brown (HBO's "Carnivale" - great to see him again) played the captain of the Coast Guard's Kodiak, Alaska base in a strong, convincing role as a leader with the prerequisite and necessary ice water in his veins. The film wonderfully, and finally, gives long overdue exposure and respect to the Coast Guard; it had the audience applauding at the end.

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What a read! Now, what a movie!!!, 21 May 2006

The DaVinci Code is a fabulous, thrilling movie! Ron Howard has brought to life on the screen one of the most mesmerizing and fascinating fictional works of all time. Howard, keeping the film true to the novel, knew that would be critical to its success among its millions of devoted fans. For those who did not read the book, the occasional flashback was expertly used to tie events together. That Howard could capture all of the intricate aspects and idiosyncrasies of the novel in two and a half hours without sacrificing the integrity of the storyline is spectacular in itself. Nothing, not one iota of Dan Brown's masterpiece was lost. Howard's reward...the DVC's $225 million opening weekend. The moviegoers' reward...experiencing a "virtual reality" of this awesome read in which the main characters were expertly cast, delivering noteworthy performances. Those who read the book and loved it inherently knew that the agenda-driven naysayers and movie critics had it all wrong. And that didn't take a miracle.