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Coronation Street (1960– )
Best TV Show Ever!!!
28 January 2007
It's been running for over 45 years and it is still entertaining and relevant and great fun to watch! To become a regular viewer of "The Street" is to join a huge worldwide community of Corrie fans - some of whom have been watching since the very first episode! But no matter when you start watching, you will find yourself involved in the lives of the many different residents of a street in Manchester, England. Young and old have their dramas and struggles as do parents and children, spouses and lovers, workers and employers. Some of the story lines are hilarious and over-the-top while others involve very challenging socially relevant issues, dealt with in a way that draws you in and makes you re-examine your own values and beliefs. Everything is grounded in everyday reality unlike some American series which seem to only be about well-off professionals. The actors are amazing and you totally believe in their characters. In Britain they are huge celebrities, known equally by their Corrie character's name and their birth names! In Canada and Australia, Coronation Street airs several days a week, a few months behind the episodes airing in Britain. If Coronation Street is not available where you live, you could start a campaign to make it available - it is definitely worthwhile!!!
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I love LUCY!
23 January 2007
I loved the story told in the TV series and felt each of the characters was interesting and believable. Sam Loggin was a super Lucy! I thought Gus was suitably sleazy, and Daniel was a decent guy with his true qualities not evident at first. The 3 girls at Lucy's flat were each definite characters with good story lines of their own and their interactions reminded me of some of my experiences with a roommate. The office life portrayed was realistic and very funny! Each character was a clear individual and well-portrayed by the actors. I saw the show before I read the book so for me this show IS Lucy Sullivan. I read the book afterward and noted a number of differences from the TV show but felt the show still stands as a brilliant entertainment in its own right. It remains one of my favourite TV series and I'd love to watch it again if someone airs it again or if it comes out on DVD.
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