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Illtown (1996)
Illtown (Lake Worth Fl)
21 May 2006
I just watched the movie (05-21-06), and never heard of it before. I even live in Lake Worth, Fl where it was filmed. It was really strange cause after awhile I was unsure of what was going on in the movie since there were so many people doing drugs and hallucinating. I didn't know what was what, but what I did enjoy was trying to figure out where certain scenes were being filmed at. Thats basically what kept me watching the movie till the end. A few scenes were made right at Bryant Park and the outskirts of the park where the fisherman unload their boats. They even sat at he Gulfstream hotel at one point which is across the street from Bryant Park. The funniest part of the movie was where the one young kid stole a car out of the 7-11/laundry mat parking lot and it shows him driving and driving and when he finally crashes it is actually on the same exact block of where the car was stolen from, just one building over. That just made me laugh.
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