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Cliffhanger (1993)
Great opening scene! The rest is mediocre action.
25 April 2003
You have got to watch the opening scene, it is just as exciting every time I see it. The rest of the film is for those who are really in to action and regular Stallone films. It is not bad but not good either, just ordinary -No more or less than expected.

Grade: 6/10 (would have been 4 if it was not for the opening scene)
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British Whodunit at its best.
19 February 2002
A bit of a confusing start of this perfect whodunit is the only bad thing about this film.

To start with the script, it´s brilliant. It is credible, well written,has clues that makes it worth watching over and over again (even without the surprises that you encounter the first time you watch it). I like the fact that this is not a Hollywood production. I seriously do not think that this script would have made it to production without some changes if it was made in hollywood.

Then the acting. Liam Neeson puts on a splendid performance, complex acting with certain subtle things that I did not notice the first viewing, which made sense while watching it again. His best film IMO (knowing that a lot of people thinks that "Schindler´s list" is better). I do not recognize the rest of the actors, but no one did bad.

Grade: 9 out of 10

So if you like suspense whodunit, this is a must see.
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