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Memento (2000)
An intricately woven masterpiece..., 9 April 2001

From the first minute of the film I am totally engrossed. The style of the film is great, the acting is top-notch, and the scripting is so detailed it's incredible. The backwards storytelling works to the film's advantage. Better than any movie from 2000, and better than all the movies so far from 2001.

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Frank Capra's darkest film..., 18 March 2001

When I first saw Meet John Doe, I was surprised at how dark it really was. It's often light-hearted, funny and a great story with likeable well-rounded characters. That was really surprising to me given the rather weighty subject matter of suicide. Frank Capra has had the little guy go up against crooked politicians and millionaires before but never with such high consequences. It's one of my favorite Capra movies.

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My All-Time Favorite Movie, 23 February 2001

I won't go into too much detail about how good this film makes me feel everytime I watch it, because I could fill three or four books on the subject. I just want to quickly say that it's one of the few films I can watch a couple times in a row, a dozen times a year. No matter what season it is, this film always leaves me feeling better about my life and the world around me, and God bless Frank Capra for bringing it to the world. Geez, that sounds hammy... Anyway, that's all I'll say.