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Caddyshack (1980)
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Caddyshack - a comedy clasSUCK, 3 November 2011

I have figured out how this incredibly stupid film became regarded as a comedy "classic". In 1980, it had enough stars in it to gather a decent audience. However, it wasn't met with many positive reviews and probably would have faded into obscurity. Magically, this dopey film was perfectly timed to appear uncut on a new format for entertainment - cable TV. Back in the early 80s, HBO would show a handful of movies over and over and over again. Cable choices back them were extremely limited. Caddyshack was played to the saturation point and everybody would talk about it at school. Boys between the ages of 10 and 15, whose sense of humor was understandably shallow and stupid, were incredibly attracted to a film that contained bare boobies, inane bathroom humor and sarcastic quips. Caddyshack had this stuff, plus a mischievous, dancing gopher. Even the kids who hated it back then (like me) had to pretend they liked it for fear of being teased or ostracized by their peers. As time went by, young adults became nostalgic for the film they saw as kids, so they bought this on VHS and later DVD. The majority of people who have watched this in the past decade or two, realize it's complete crap but it brings backs memories of a more youthful, innocent time. Some individuals may legitimately enjoy it but it is clear that they are stoners or former stoners whose brains are completely fried. This is how utter rubbish became "a classic".

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I was in the audience..., 18 November 2008

I saw an episode of this soon-to-be-cancelled show taped in the Summer of '86. I remember having to laugh at things that weren't funny. The only thing I really remember clearly was a scene where Stamos made Klugman a breakfast sandwich and when Klugman bit into it, the egg yolk came pouring out all over the place, driving home the point that Stamos was an idiot in the kitchen. The audience responded with a loud "Ewwww!" during each take.

Stamos was interviewed on Howard Stern recently (11/08) and mentioned Klugman as a close friend to this very day. If nothing else, "You Again?" formed a bond between a couple of guys you'd never expect to be pals.