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I can't believe its been cancelled!!, 7 August 2008

I loved this show. It was good to see a show that gave a new twist to the vampire genre. Rather than just copying what was done before it changed things slightly, such as making vampires able to go out during the day (although not for too long) Also having them sleep in a freezer was a great change to sleeping in coffins. It was well made and it also was good because Alex is a babe! Not to mention a great actor. Sophia Myles American accent was also very very convincing.

Why do American production companies always cancel the great shows and keep the really bad ones going. Are they idiots? They cancelled Dresden Files and that was brilliant, it had so much potential. It is the same with Moonlight. Why is it that all the good programmes get cancelled after their first season. I am absolutely gutted. Surely it had plenty of viewers. BRING IT BACK!!!!! I hope it gets released on DVD soon!

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Great show with a great cast and great potential, 1 July 2007

I first saw an advertisement for this series and thought the name sounded familiar. Found out it was a series of novels. I then saw the first episode and thought, 'Hey, this shows got potential' Because of that i went out to buy the books. I have now read all that have been released so far and they are superb. Probably the best series of books i have and will ever read.

I know a lot of the comments put the show down for not being like the books, but since Jim Butcher himself is a fan of the show and has a cameo role in one episode,i don't see any reason why you can not like both the show and the books. The series is only supposed to be set in the Dresden Files world, not a making of the books.

Also i think Paul Blackthorne is great as Harry and Terrance Mann as Bob is brilliant, even if they have changed his character quite a lot compared to the books.

I love the show and hope that they make many more series in the future. This show does have great potential, its still early days. Lets hope it is given a chance.

"Two" (1996)
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Brilliant, i wish they did more, 22 February 2001

Although i myself have missed a few of the episodes, including the first three, i found the rest of them very entertaining. It is true that the storyline isn't exactly original but the way that Michael Easton pulls off playing both characters is amazing. He's good at making you hate Booth and feel sympathetic for Gus. He really makes you believe that he has a twin brother. It just goes to show what an amazing actor he is. I am upset that they only made the one series. I would love to know if Gus manages to prove he has a brother and get his life back. I believe that if the show was allowed to go further it would improve greatly. I just love it.