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Titanic (1943)
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Trashy curiosity., 2 December 2009

Aside from the mind-boggling incongruity of it being made in war-time Nazi Germany, this movie is a jumble of gross caricatures tied together loosely with idiotic story lines.

The "English" (and John Jacob Astor)are money-grubbing financial types. This is hammered home repeatedly with zero nuance or elegance. The good guy is the German first officer. Aside from that, there are a couple dozen individuals whose are fleshed out minimally, only to be dropped or forgotten by the screenwriters and director.

The concluding scenes are (pardon me) waterlogged, bereft of drama or even common sense.

Worth seeing as evidence of how the Nazis poisoned German culture and art.

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A shame to see Dom Ireira associated with this b.m., 14 May 2007

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Glad to see him cash a check though.

If I wanted to watch comedy on Fox "news", I'd watched Bill O'Reilly. Oops -- I do!

Anyone else her catch that show...I mean, just for giggles. John Gibson's a close second, but a little too fey for my taste.Seems to have hair issues.

And then there's E.D. Hill, she of the furrowed brow. Super-concerned about some child-kidnapping..or illegal immigrants...or Rosie...or sump-in'...Nice pins, though.

& lest we forget, there's Mr. PotatoHead, Neil Cavuto, truly one of nature's scumbags. Ever heard the phrase, "I wouldn't p--s on him if he were on fire"? It applies.

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The only spoiler is this episode., 19 October 2006

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I've never taken an illegal drug in my life (or should I say 'scored'?), but this show has me jonesing to drop a lid.

The druggie, interestingly enough, went on to turn on, tune in and drop out of later life he became a history professor at Mt. Holyoke!

I don't know the name of the nerd scientist who provides the background on acid, but I simply love him. One of the handsomenest dudes ever.

The only question this episode raises is the following: was getting the paint off Blue Boy actor's face an excruciatingly painful task or what?

Oh, and one last thing: if there were an epilogue, would Blue Boy been shown in his warpaint at an open-casket funeral?