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Slow pacing but not as bad as people are complaining about!, 3 December 2009

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I am a really big fan of the Stargate shows, got them all, saw them all. I think that the beauty of SGA - when it came out - was that it was exactly the same as the first Stargate SG-1 but with a different Galaxy. I even remember some of the episode that were the exact same plot as SG-1 but with Sheppard instead of O'Neil.

This time the author we're getting tired of the plot surrounding False Gods, Religious fanaticism, Canibalistic bad guy that look like a mixed between a metal head and a dolphin. I agree that there is some similarity with BSG but if you're looking real deeply into Sci-fi, you'll see that there's a whole bunch of show that look like that. I think it's a question of time. The producer wants us to understand the wait, the willingness to survive, the ship that's getting better and better (the more we advance). But I would have expect maximum of 8 episodes to build up a solid base: We're stock and we need water and air and bla bla bla. It's getting heavy and boring. We need to complete the first season and start the 2nd season with a MUCH faster pacing. Or even the second half of Season 1. Episode 1-2-3-4 I was really surprised how it change and delighted that they we're going in another direction because like Brad Wright and Robert Cooper I was also thinking it was time to get done with SG-1 and SGA. The idea of getting stock with the enemy that pretty much is The plot (Goa'uld and Wraith etc) was getting boring. I'm having a hard time to catch up with Stargat Universe. I know too well the episode structure usually taken. Episode 8: We're getting sick, everybody is dying and there we go, the antidote created in extremis. Next idea? Alright why not getting in a situation where they discover something that will feed the story and increase drastically the pace of this very slow and repetitive.

We need something like the death of the Senator that will bring the story in another direction.

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Why calling that movie «Intelligent»?, 6 August 2008

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No Kidding! the 6.5/10 is almost generous. The Acting? Flawless! The Directing ? Same thing has the other one! In 1997 the impact was there. There was «C'est arrivé près de chez vous» *Man Bite Dogs , In France; Bernie , Then Delicatassen with the same Humour Noir (dark humour) Funny games had. Then we had lot of other good Dark movie with some sick and sad twist. But when I watched that movie, only one thing came through my mind: Why are the characters of that kind of movie always act like the «cute-screaming-blond-horror b» movie type.

The kid gets away: guess what? He doesn't go in the boat or get on the street need the road to get to a neighbor that's alive. Nope, he goes to the dumb not-so-alive one living aside and panic by getting in and not trying to reach a phone when he discover dead bodies.

The Wife get away when the two guys give her a freaking chance. She's smart enough to get through the door by cutting the fence but goes all around without finding someone..ohh she does but she's smart enough to hide herself in case it's the two psycho-boys. second car goes by: the hell with my method: there we go, 20 minutes of long boring smart-talk, killing Wifey and Donkey-wrecked husband.

By 50 minutes, when the two guys goes away, my thought was: Now it's revenge time or something more innovative than the first one. I Thought to myself: What could be cooler and bring the tension to another level: The two guys gets captured by a furious and armed Wifey: (she gets the hiding gun). Bang, capture the two guys and then, there you go a kind of violence-fest on the other way.

Nope, the stupid people always die stupid; if it's not even more stupid

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The DVD offers a special mode..., 13 August 2006

Everybody seem to agree on the fact that is really average. I found that too, but the DVD offer a little special mode that had some interactive fun to watching the DVD. There is a couple of scene where's you'll be very surprise with the alternative direction. Though it's not as interactive has a game, you'll find this little option very amusing.

Definitely a good rent but that's it.

The thing is that you can't stop thinking this is the third Final Destination and this is the only way they would improve. I'm tired of the «booh» scene or typical horror recipe : Nice and Exciting sound effects and «crying chicks» or guy acting stupid and a little bit of plastic barbie girl nudity.

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The Art of making good movie with cheap budget and good actors, 2 July 2006

Le Déclin de l'Empire Américain, the first movie with the main characters present to us a little party of the left-wing yuppies intellectuals that have dialogs about the good old time when they were students, their sexual lives, their problems etc. It's not as interesting as Les Invasions Barbares, but I do believe it's better then the first one. Why is this a masterpiece?? Because it's intelligent, well constructed and it is really interesting to see the evolution of those main characters and the situation (9/11, the struggle in the health care system in Canada) that happen after the «Déclin». Quebec have start making some intelligent movies with a low budget and some incredible talents. It is a great lesson for the industry showing that you can do good with few.

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You got served....another ghetto movie, 1 July 2006

OK, they really know how to dance. Their skills are crazy. But that's about it! The plot is awful: two rivals gangs: Obviously the LA White Rich kid and the poor from the ghetto who dance «to stay out of the street».

No kidding, people that say it's not one of the worst film ever done need to take another look at this movie. Everything is there

The cheap plot The bad acting The cheap ghetto life (they wear like 10 set of clothe that cost about 350$ each)... Lil'Kim Presence has a referee (come on!) The Black Preacher guy who've past through lot of crap and act as a referee in the ghetto Dancing Combat White kid that act like they were black...:P come on!

It suck!

Annapolis (2006)
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Could have been good but..., 30 June 2006

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This movie could have been good. It's a good attempt but it miserably failed. Let's start with the good points: The Crew was good, we really had a nice «brochette» of actors. The crews was really nice and the only thing that made me finish the movie was the acting. But that's not all. In a movie you need a good story, something that can makes you feel the stuff that are going on have a chance to affect you or pretend to (at least).

When i saw the previews the first time, i knew it was about a guy who was determinate to complete the school. But, the Boxing has the big thing was pathetic. Come on, make a boxing movie instead of bull s****** the viewer with some propaganda telling us being a marine is so nice, so cool, so valuable,... I mean we get to the point where we only feel that the big point of this movie was to make the Us Army in IRAK more Human, more of a Gentlemen kind.

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Underground movement in movies..., 23 May 2006

I don't know anybody who haven't seen American History X. The story of the a repenting skinhead that has been butt f*** in jail by his own «brother», getting over with a Dave Chapelle black man etc. Don't take me wrong, i really enjoyed the movie. Before you think i'm out of the main subject, let me clear thing out. Hooligans (aka Green Street Hooligans)was way more better then American History X. I've personally known both side of those movement. The fact are that the portrait made of the Skinheads in American History X are really correct. In Hooligans, same thing: the Hooligans movement is really well represented. The director of the movie, a 2nd dam karate who use to be a tomboy hanging out in that background really know what she's talking about. I really enjoyed watching Hooligans for the same reason I've enjoyed American History X: is talk about underground movement that are more then taboo. It's not about blingbling and selling a product to a youth in need of useless consummations (refering to underground film about cars and motorcycle). No! This movie is about showing some real stuff with a nice touch of fiction.

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Guèvremont's book better but..., 18 May 2006

This movie was quite good but the book is better. The Outlander (Le Survenant) really deliver the merchandise with a marvelous acting. If anybody read the book, they'll agree that Jean-Nicolas Verreault did a marvelous job. The problem of the movie is the psychological approach and the fact that they made from the movie, a big Love Story between Angelina and Le Survenant. In the book, it's present but it's not all about that. In fact,this is a really important book in Quebec Litterature history because it break with the Traditional Clerk society. Survenant is the symbol of a changing Quebec society that is coming : The Quiet Revolution. When Guèvremont wrote this book, she had a «happy ending» where Survenant was revealing his story. The second version kept the magic: We don't know where's Survenant is from, neither what's his secrets. We only know that he's disturbing a Traditional society, and his passage trough this town is a announcement of the Changes that are above.