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brilliant!, 3 October 2007

I saw this the year it came out, listed on a site called "Atom Films" and, having been a fan of Mr. Branagh's for years already, I downloaded it. After watching it the first time, I sat back and thought about it for a few minutes. "Geeze...This instills an even deeper love for this actor in me!" I remember thinking. After about 20 minutes of reflection, I watched it again. After this, I sent a link to virtually everyone I knew, telling them to watch the genius that is Kenneth in this shortie. They all came back with extremely positive reviews for this film. The suspense, and superb acting put forward in this short puts this film at the top of my all time favorite shorts list, and anyone I know could tell you...I'm very VERY picky about my favorites lists. I urge every single fan of Thrillers and or of Mr. Branagh's to go find this film and watch it. Seriously.