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where did it come from, 20 August 2002

I had never heard of this film. I was just perusing the cheap DVD rentals and saw this one. I knew I had never seen it, and was not sure it was going to be that great from reading the box, but thought, heck, there was not all than many others I had not seen, so decided to give it a try.

I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought it was well directed, well acted, and a great script. The music was great also, went well with what was going on during the movie. There was a lot of talent involved in the making of this movie.

This is probably one of the best movies I have seen in several years. So very interesting, so much different than any movies in awhile. If I had to compare it to another movie, I suppose it is like taking "The Grand Hotel," just pushing the envelope a lot farther. Really on the dark side, but such a great love story. The characters were very interesting and really believable. The action, especially in the background, was so interesting to watch.

I give this a gold star for effort, a gold star for result, and a gold star for innovation. Rent it, and see it for what it is, an interesting story about some interesting characters told in an interesting way.

Spider-Man (2002)
Go see it!, 3 May 2002

Well, after my two year wait for the release of this movie, I finally got my chance to see the final product. Although there was a bit of modernization of the original origin, that is consistent with the trend in comics. What was true was the plight of Peter Parker as a person upon whom herohood was unwittingly thrust. I would have cast MJ with a different actress, but Toby was Peter! The special effects were all that I expected and more. More than any previous attempt, I felt like an actual comic book saga had come to life. Kudos! The major awards will pass this one over, but for entertainment value, I highly recommend this movie.

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This is a must see movie, 30 December 2001

I rent so many movies and most of the time, by the time I take them back, I do not even remember what I have seen. However, every once in awhile, there is one that stays on my mind for several days. This is one of them. I have had a friend in a mental hospital, here in Texas, and this movie is so real about such situations, and the writer brought to life what should be known about such.

It is a great movie, and if you have not seen it, rent it. Our world is full of people who are thought as people who are insane or crazy. What is normal? Good job writer and good movie. I had to give it 10 star vote and think it is one of the best movies ever made. It is better than "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" which is another of my favorite movies.

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part praise, part pan, 16 October 2001

It is not often that there is a movie that I wanted to walk out of, and not many that I have walked out on. I did barely stay to the end of this one, and actually did like the ending. I thought the acting was superb, the story line probably read well, and that the cinematography was well-done, but this movie drug on forever. There just was too little content for the plot line. Not one I would recommend seeing. Of course, if you liked this one, you would probably like "Bad Lieutenant" with Harvey Keitel. Sorry, I cannot give this movie high marks, which really disappoints me, as much as my disappointment in having picked this one over five other movies playing that night at our local theater. I must not have been alone, because one of my companions did leave after about 15 minutes and the other went to the concession stand twice. I just stared at the screen wondering how much longer the "training day" would last. My biggest elation with this movie was seeing the ending credits beginning to roll across the screen.

Being less than enthralled, 16 October 2001

Well, the premise really intrigue me when I had seen the trailers and I thought this was just the esoteric type of stuff that would really intrigue me. I am not sure why I didn't like it. Maybe I expected it to be a comedy and just didn't find it to be at all humorous. I sat there wondering why it was "Being John Malkovich" instead of "Being Jim Carrey" or "Being Joe Pesci." He existence was so boring, I just couldn't buy people standing in line to pay for their chance at "John Malkovich." 5/10 is my vote.

Eddie (1996)
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predictable fluff, 17 September 2001

I have a friend who mentioned that she had been looking for a used copy of this movie for her collection, and I found one by accident at a flea market the other day. I had not seen the movie and wondered why, out of all the movies that a person might possibly want in their collection, she had wanted this one. So, I decided to watch it before sending it on, with the excuse for opening it, that I wanted to make sure it still watchable, being as some of the movies I have found at flea markets have proven to be well worn out copies, on occasion.

Well, there was nothing that I did not predict way before it happened in this one. It was an enchanting story, but nothing about which to think deeply. I did notice a veiled feminist vein in the premise, and I suppose this is what my friend saw that made her desire this movie. It will not bore you, but I doubt you would find yourself wanting to tell everyone to go see this one either. I hope my friend is happy with her gift. See it or not . .. there is nothing you have not seen before, just the sport/characters were changed.

Revisited (1998)
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delightful and entertaining, 17 September 2001

I found this short film from Canada while looking over some of the fare available for viewing at atomfilms. It was well acted and well made. I enjoyed it immensely, even though I was forced to put up with the ragged internet buffering playback. I have no familiarity with the actors of the movie makers. However, it had a good story line and was a very pleasant experience. If the purpose of the makers was to provide 24 minutes of superb entertainment, the did the job with this delightful short feature.

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a masterful overlooked achievement, 17 September 2001

I had seen the trailers several times for this movie before running across it in the video store looking through the titles for something I had not seen. After seeing it, I wondered why I had not heard more of it. The trailers did not give away anything about this wonderfully written script. Antonio Banderas did a great job in direction, but Lucas Black stole the show with his acting. After thinking he was masterful in "Sling Blade," it was great seeing him get another role to show off his talents. Steiger was perfect for the role, although anyone could have played the Robert Wagner role. However, seeing such big stars playing cameos, should tell you that the script was a great read. I don't want to give you any insight into the story line, because it is so well interwoven that it has to be seen to understand. It gets nicely tied up in the end from a small statement from Lucas Black. Melody Griffith has not always been a favorite of mine, mostly because she does always pick roles that she fits, but in this one, I cannot imagine anyone else fitting the role. She did an excellent job. I say that, because there were parts where I forgot it was her, and got caught up in the actual character she was playing.

This is one that is definitely worth a look. The overtones of the era are played nicely and figure greatly in the story line. Why it was overlooked when the big awards came out, I have no idea. This one should have won something. It is that good.

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a classic sixties farce, 16 August 2001

I caught this flick on the trail end of a tape I had used to capture a movie I truly wanted to wanted to see again. When I saw Raquel Welch's name in the opening credits, I decided to watch it. It was actually mildly entertaining, and took me back "in the wayback machine" to the farcical movies that Hollywood churned out during the sixties, much in the same genre as the current Austin Powers stuff. Oh the acting was not superb, nor was the plot, but it was worth watching. There was some delightful scenery, although Ms. Welch provided the most pleasant of such. Tape it if you get the chance and watch it when you have absolutely nothing else to do. It is not a snoozer, but it won't have you rolling in the aisles wanting more, either.

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Bravo! Classical Camp!, 2 June 2001

Well, I was abashed that the voting was so bad for this movie. It was the classic camp and bad puns that I loved as a small child. Rocky was Rocky and Bullwinkle was the same old lovable moose that was my childhood idol. I did question the casting for Agent Sympathy as she was not from the mold of the FBI, but the actress was fresh and added a touch that assisted in the transition. De Nero was fabulous, and plenty of cameos made it entertaining. Well done, so much better than the previous attempt at a movie version of a Jay Ward character: Dudley Do-Right. If you couldn't find it in your heart to give this movie a resounding 10, you are secretly as spy from Pottsylvania. Shame on you!


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