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All at Sea (1957)
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A long forgotten underrated Ealing comedy, A little gem, 14 January 2007

This film is Brilliant and so funny and typical of the Ealing comedy's with a weird twist mind. The funny parts are Alec guinness's eccentricities, Especially the dancing when he is arrested by the police and also his house on the pier itself, So funny to see him pacing up and down in his LITTLE house quite literally up and down. The Ealing comedy's always seem to have an element of the small people overcoming the adversity's of the large institutions, This film is typical of this by Alec Guinness's sole attempts to fight the decision to pull down the pier. The weird twist is the CRazy idea of running the pier as a ship, and takes a while to get your head round this idea, But once you do you can appreciate the film even more, If you don't well you will think the films a load of old tosh... Love it or loath it... i personally love it.. Incidentally the pier used was the Old pier at Hunstanton that was there before the eyesore they have there now, Not too far from me some lovely shots of Hunstanton as well in the film real nostalgia. Ealing Comedys are excellent and are simply in a league of their own and this I feel should get more recognition, like Ladykillers etc