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Best Superhero movie of the year or Best movie of the year ?, 18 July 2008

It is very rare that we see a movie with as much hype as this live up to it, and even more rare that it will surpass all expectation in every way.... this did. Fromhe plot to the acting everything in this movie is in my opinion perfect. Sure some people out there will say that with a running time of two and a half hours that its to long.... well who ever says that you f*cking wrong. This should remind the Academy that it possible to make a blockbuster and a masterpiece.... that it is possible to have great action and acting.

Heath Ledger has cemented his place in cinema history with this role, this twisted sick version of the joker that he created will stand the test of time, will be one of those characters that will be talked about long after we are all gone. Jacky N. look out your becoming nothing more then a memory of things that came and went Ledgers performance makes Jacks look like B performance.

Leaving the theater all i heard all around me was talk of the Joker,unfortunately i feel that the re of the cast will be over looked Arron played and incredible Harvey Dent/ Twoface a well, his turn to the "dark side" was so believable that its freaky, Bale is yet again amazing as batman and quite possibly gave a better performance here then in begins.

So i raise the question... ...Best Superhero movie of this year or the best movie of this year?

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John McClane back to kill a few bad guys save the country and rescue the Summer, 27 June 2007

In a summer filled with disappointment its nice to see John McClane back even if it is a pg-13 version it still takes my spot as the best summer movie thus far (and with it competition who can argue that). Non stop action grabs you in the first ten minutes and doesn't let go till the credits. Mclane is back rugged and raw, Willis gives a great performance as he reprises his role. There's one scene in particular that i loved, When hes driving the computer nerd that hes protecting after he has several run ins with Assasians and Johns a little banged up. He's asked "Why are you doing this?" (or something like that) and McClane says "If there was someone else I would be glad to let them do it." then the kid asks "So why do it" then McClane responds "Because there is no one else." I don't know maybe I'm reading to deep in but i thought that really shows who and what McClane is, hes the guy who is willing to put his own neck out to protect us because thats what he needs to do, not what he wants to do. He didn't ask to be a hero just that no one else stepped up that was willing to take the hits. Live Free Or Die Hard is a great action movie that even thou it may not rank with the original nor the third installments, i would definitely say its better than the second. And it sure is nice to see McClane back in action.......Yippie Kayay M*therF*cker