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Even better than the original, 18 April 2002

It doesn´t happen often but I enjoyed this movie even more than the original. The interaction between Jackie and Chris is still hilarious. The story is better and the movie has more funny scenes. Especially the opening scene where Chris Tucker does an amazing Michael Jackson imitation is brilliant. The supporting roles are also better this time with Zhang Ziyi and John Lone. This film focuses more on comedy and less on action, but this movie still has a couple of good action sequences. I can´t wait for Rush Hour 3.

Royal Rumble (2001) (TV)
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The best Royal Rumble ever, 18 April 2002

There couldn´t have been a better pay-per-view for the WWF to open the year 2001, because it is almost perfect. This pay-per-view contains 5 matches:

Women´s Championship Match: Ivory vs. Chyna The least interesting match of the evening. I´m not a favorite of women´s wrestling because most women in the WWF can´t wrestle all too well. Except for Chyna of course.

Tag-Team Championship Match: The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian

All I can say about this match-up is that they have had better ones in the past.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

This was a good solid match with two of the better wrestlers within the WWF.

WWF Championship Match: Kurt Angle vs. Triple H This match-up could have been better, but it was entertaining.

30-man Royal Rumble Match The highlight of the evening. The best royal rumble ever, because there were so many great superstars involved in this match, such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane, Rikishi, etc. It also contained the surprising return of the Big Show and some guest entrances from The Honky Tonk Man and Drew Carey. This certainly was a perfect rumble.

Rush Hour (1998)
A new action duo has stand up, 18 April 2002

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were a great action duo in the Lethal Weapon movies and so are Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. These two make Rush Hour a funny action movie which will entertain you for almost two hours. Great action, great interaction between Jackie and Chris and a couple of memorable scenes. One of the better action movies of recent years.

WWF Unforgiven (2001) (TV)
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A good but not a memorable pay-per-view, 18 April 2002

WWF´s Unforgiven took place in the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh Pensylvania at the 23th of September 2001. It contained 8 matches: Perry Staturn vs. Raven; Tajiri vs. Rhyno; Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. The Hurricane and Lance Storm vs. Big Show and Spike Dudley; Undertaker & Kane vs. Kronic; Chris Jericho vs. Rob van Dam; Edge vs. Christian; The Rock vs. Booker T & Shane McMahon and finally Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle. The highlights of the evening were Rob van Dam vs. Chris Jericho, Edge vs. Christian and Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle. It´s a good pay-per-view but I don´t think it will live in your memory very long.

WWF Insurrextion (2001) (TV)
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Average Pay-Per-View, 18 April 2002

Backlash certainly isn´t the best Pay-Per-View event of the year 2001 as far as the WWF is concerned. Therefor this event doesn´t have a very interesting main-event and too less good matches. A short summary:

6-Man Tag-Team Match: Dudley Boyz vs. X-Pac, Justin Credible & Albert

I´m not really a fan favorite when it comes to tag-team matches and this one certainly isn´t a memorable tag-team match. Average in every way I would say.

Hardcore Championship Match: Raven vs. Rhyno This match is one of the highlights of this pay-per-view. Brutal and very entertaining. A good match between these two former ECW-superstars.

Triple-Threat European Championship Match: Matt Hardy vs. Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero. Also not a very memorable match-up. I had expected a little bit more from these three very unique and very extraordinary athletes.

Duchess of Queensberry Rules Match: William Regal vs. Chris Jericho

These kind of childish matches give the WWF a bad name. When you purchase this movie I would skip this part because it´s not worth it.

30-minute ultimate submission match: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

A rematch after their match at Wrestlemania. I think this match is better than their Wrestlemania match, but it´s too long in my opinion. I think it would have been better if it was a 20-minute submission match. But hey, if you are a Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit fan you will certainly enjoy it.

Last Man Standing Match: Shane McMahon vs. Big Show Matches like this proves that the WWF doesn´t take itself too serious. An average sized Shane McMahon (6´1, 200 lbs) takes on the biggest wrestler in the WWF: The Big Show (7´2, 500 lbs). And he even stands a chance. I´m a big fan of the Big Show, so I kind of hated this match. The only memorable thing of this match is Shane McMahon´s elbow drop of a 50 ft high Titantron.

Three Titles on the line: Stone Cold Steve Austin & Triple H vs. The Undertaker & Kane Main-event of the evening and like I said I´m not a fan favorite of tag-team matches. Certainly not when it comes to main-event tag-team matches, because they are always so predictable. There were three titles on the line in this match. The WWF Championship from Stone Cold, The Intercontinental Championship from Triple H and the Tag-Team Championships from The Undertaker & Kane.

In the end I can say that Backlash 2001 wasn´t a great pay-per-view because it lacks too few great match-ups with good storylines.

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It's a shame it became so childish, 2 November 2001

After five successful tv-movies it was just a matter of time before there would come a tv-show. And it didn't take long for that to happen. In 1995 the show aired in America and at December 8th the show aired in Germany (where it was of course dubbed in German, but it was a very good dubbing). I was a big fan of the five tv-movies so I expected that the tv-show would also be very good. In the beginning it was, but the longer the show ran, the more boring and childish it became. The tv-movies were made for people older than 16 years.The tv-show looked to be made for people younger than 16. The acting was not as good as in the tv-movies as well as the action sequences. In my opinion there has never been an episode that could match the tv-movies. And in my opinion that's a shame.

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Good, but it could have been great, 2 November 2001

This is the fifth and final episode of the Hercules television movies. This movie contains a lot of flashbacks of the other four movies. Because of this the story itself slows down and most of the times the flashbacks are annoying. And that is a shame, because this could be the best episode of them all, because it has the best plot. It could have been so much better if they put King Minos and all the others in the movie as well. But in stead we just see the Minotaur. But still, this Hercules-movie is a good and enjoyable action/adventure movie with good acting, great locations and a good climax. It still is a lot better than the tv-show that followed.

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A must-see for all Flatley-fans!, 31 August 2001

"Gold: a celebration of Michael Flatley" contains all of Michael Flatley's greatest hits. And since I'm a huge fan of Michael Flatley this was a videotape I just had to buy. This video was released in November 2000 and it contains some new as well as some old stuff. It contains pieces of Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames. But it also shows us some footage of Michael Flatley's last and final show: The Feet of Flames World Tour. That footage was shot in Budapest, Hungary in front of 100,000 people. This video contains also a preview of Michael Flatley's new film and some special footage of an old performance from Michael back in 1987 and a reunion with the Chieftains in 1998. I hope that in the future they will release a video of the entire Feet of Flames World Tour show, but for now we'll just have to do with the 10 pieces of footage that are on this tape. For every fan of Michael Flatley this is definitely a must-see!

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One of the best Wrestlemania's ever!, 23 August 2001

A crowd of 67,925 fans set a new attendance-record for the Astrodome in Houston, Texas at April 1, 2001. And those 67,925 fans got their money's worth because Wrestlemania X-Seven is one of the best Wrestlemania's ever and even one of the best PPV's ever. Of course this Wrestlemania isn't without any stinkers. The match between Eddie Guerrero and Test for the European Championship is bad in every way and is nothing more than an average "Raw-is-War"-match. Ivory vs. Chyno for the WWF's Women's Championship is one of the worst matches I've ever seen. Chyna is a talented wrestler, but you can clearly see that Ivory isn't. She's better of as a henchman than as a wrestler. The rest of the fights are good or even very good. The Acolytes and Tazz vs Right to Censor isn't bad, but it's also rarely memorable. The Triple-Threat Hardcore Championship Match between Raven, Big Show and Kane is one of the highlights of the evening. It's brutal and it features the two largest athletes in the WWF: Big Show (7"2, 500 pounds) and Kane (7", 330 pounds). Chris Jericho vs. William Regal for the Intercontinental Title is also a entertaining match. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit is a good technical wrestling match, Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon with Mick Foley as a special guest referee turned out to be a lot better than I thought. The Gimmick Battle Royal was a lot of fun to watch and it brought up a lot of memories with wrestlers like Hillbilly Jim, The Iron Sheik, Sgt. Slaughter, Eathquake and Nikolai Volkov but it could have been a lot better if there were a little bit more famous gimmicks like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat or Randy Savage. The other 3 highlights of the evening are the TLC II match for the Tag-Team Championship between The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian. Just like Wrestlemania 2000 (where these 3 teams also battled each other) this is a high-risk and very entertaining match. Triple-H vs. The Undertaker is also a great match and it truly uses the talents of both superstars. The main-event is a WWF Championship match between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. This match was a lot better than their match at Wrestlemania XV, because it's a lot less predictable. This is definitely one of the best main-events in WWF history. Wrestlemania X-Seven is great and it's almost perfect. So far the year 2001 is one of the best years in WWF-history.

WWF Armageddon (2000) (TV)
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WWF goes into Hell!, 23 August 2001

Armageddon 2000 is a good show with an excellent main-event: the Hell in a Cell match for the WWF Championship. This PPV contains 8 matches:

1. Kane vs. Chris Jericho in a Last Man Standing Match is a good f fight that greatly uses the talents of both superstars.

2. Chyna vs. Val Venis is ok, but nothing special. 3. William Regal vs. Hardcore Holly is a boring fight and I expected a little bit more out of these two good WWF-superstars.

4. Ivory vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus was better than I thought.

5. Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn & Eddie Guerrero vs. The Hardy Boyz & Lita was a good yet hardly memorable match. 6. "The One" Billy Gunn vs. Chris Benoit is a standard match but it was fun to watch. 7. Edge & Christian vs. Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather vs. The Dudleyz vs. Road Dogg & K-Kwik could have been better. 8. The Hell in a Cell Match for the WWF-championship. This is definitely the only reason why you should purchase this video. All the best superstars are in it: Kurt Angle, The Rock, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Triple-H and Rikishi. This match was definitely one of the best matches of the year 2000 and also one of the most brutal ones in the history of the WWF.

The Hell in a Cell-match therefore saves this PPV because there aren't many great matches in this PPV.

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