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A frankly amazing list.

Listed in reverse order.

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Subjective list of vehicles that didn't get their dues, or are unappreciated overall because of perceived flaws.

A lot of these are personal favorites and also belong to "genre" classification, and of course, your mileage my vary. I will try to include why I think each film should be a part of this list.
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Buried Treasure, an excellent column on Anime News Network by Justin Sevakis, originally ran from 2006 to 2011 and listed old and/or forgotten gems (and sometimes interesting duds) of the genre. It is a great resource for anime fans looking for the kvlt stuff that might have slipped past their radars. The column was resurrected in Febrary of 2013, with the new entries titled "The Pile of Shame," which details Sevakis's pile of long unwatched and neglected titles. Excellently written and full of love, it has informed my viewing choices in the genre over the years.

*Some of the titles might not be listed (I couldn't find them) on IMDB due to their obscurity and are therefore missing from the list.

I wanted to post all the titles on IMDB so that more people can read his work and see the flicks for themselves. Here is his intro on the first posting for Robot Carnival that sums up the rationale:

"It's long been said in anime fandom that new fans tend to ignore anything made more than a few years before they caught the otaku bug. I don't think that's quite fair - even the newest anime fans still see Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop. But that's two shows. And there are thousands of anime, and hundreds domestically released in some way. Some of it is garbage, and there's very little of it that one can honestly say that not seeing it would be "missing out." But, if you look closely, there are little treasures, both polished and unpolished, here and there, strewn about the history of the art form. And I can honestly say that missing them would be a true shame. So, combining my museum curator instincts with my obsession for collecting obscure media, I present to you my selections of anime masterworks of decades past. It's my hope that this column will help you discover some classics that you otherwise never would have seen. For various reasons, some of these shows will not be easy to find. Some are long since discontinued in the US market, others were never released. A couple will be so rare that you might need to dig into used LD bins in Akihabara to find them. I realize most people won't do that, but it's my hope that you check out a few of these. And just to make life easier for you, I'll occasionally toss in something commonly available. (Just, overlooked.) Years ago, when anime fandom was but another zit on the face of the comic book scene, videos of our favorite shows were very hard to get, and very expensive. Finding a show that was truly a classic was like finding a treasure, one we had to snap up quickly, for who knew if we would ever have another opportunity. To generations who never got to experience such a pleasure, I hope I can persuade you to join me. Anime tastes better when you have to work for it."

The link to the column: Enjoy!
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I think they are/were pretty physically and otherwise.
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April 10th 2002 to April 9th 2009, time spent in front of the screen and in the head.
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We are brothers by all accounts except blood, and his life and imagination were in some affected by these selections, at least from my perspective. How did I do buddy?
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Totally subjective, most of these are from when I was young. Many of these remain favorites while others might not be. I mark childhood to about 12 years of age (circa 2001).