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very unique mummy movie!, 12 November 2009

this is a very good and unique mummy movie. why so many put it down is beyond me. the thing that makes this so good is that the mummy is mainly his wrappings that come and kill people etc. i find that very different and refreshing from all the other mummy films that are basically the same. its time for a change from the old mummy moving sludgishly about and in reality could never catch anyone, more or less kill them. ohhh thats so scary! lol. anyway i rate this an 8 for the originality and the movie in general is good and not to mention Lysette Anthony. she is one piece of eye candy! for those who have not seen it do not go by most of the reviews here. give it a try. i have seen tons of movies in my life and i am 60 years old and i know my movies. :-)

Sleepstalker (1995) (V)
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This is a class horror flick!, 1 June 2007

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Why are so many putting this movie down? The sandman is one of the best killers i have seen. His looks and clothes all fit him to a tee. The effects were just fine as far as i am concerned and the plot was very good. There is another sequel to this movie and it too is very good. The sandman's voice alone is enough to keep you interested with his spooky southern accent. This is one of my favorite movies so please pay no attention to those who rate it bad. This movie does not need souped up effects or anything else to make it a top of the line horror flick! I recommend you see it and you will likely want to have it in your movie library. its a solid 9 for me.