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Film for entertain, 10 April 2001

Ok this film is not anything new on the world, but it is not as bad as I thought it is. If you turn off your brain and watch it, it is an entertaining movie with good performance especially from the supporting roles of Anne Archer, Maury Chaykin and Michael Biehn. Wesley Snipes is just Wesley Snipes in this movie. The poor thing in this movie is the script, but good work of Christian Duguay holds this flick above the hole.

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Another Action flick, 19 February 2001

This is another action movie with a lot of things, I have seen in several other B movies. There is nothing new you can see there. A lot of action and simple story. Another B version of Die Hard.

One good thing on it is, that this is well acted in comparison with other similar films.

Not so Bad, Not so good, 18 February 2001

I have seen this movie and that is not so bad. I like horror films, but I hate teenagers film. And this is a combination of the both. I did not expect that the film is good. But when I saw it, it was a surprise for me. Just not so good, not so bad. The end of the movie is really cool.