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Not much fun, 7 May 2017

I loved the first Guardians for its mix of action and comedy; but this movie substitutes comedy and silliness for a decent story. I don't know much at the Guardians from the comics, but I hope their story on paper was better than this. I was excited to see them introduce Kurt Russell as Peter's father but come on they couldn't do anything more interested with him. The story was kind of childish with too much forced family melodrama and dumb jokes. Also for a movie you'd like to bring you kids to there were too many adult references and too much violence. These characters were interesting in the first movie but a whole lot less interesting in this one.

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Pitiful and violent, 12 February 2017

Whatever was fun about the first movie is totally lost and forever forgotten in this one. I am okay with a certain amount of "stylized violence" and but that was not why I enjoyed the first John Wick. I enjoyed the first because it didn't take itself seriously. These types of movies can't afford to be serious, because when they are their terrible. And so it the problem with John Wick Chapter 2, it takes itself way too seriously, including its over the top, ridiculous, crude violence. Such violence just turns everyone off.

If I disliked it so much I guess people will wonder why I gave it a "3". There were a few good moments; mostly when they Reeves stops shooting so much. There also were a few rich characters, Fishburne, Common (a little), Ian Shane, Claudia Berini and Lance Reddick. Wish the rest of the film had been as interesting as they were.

Rogue One (2016)
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overly melodramatic, 18 December 2016

This Star Wars movie is for all those who didn't see the original episodes IV, V and V, because if they did they would already know how the rebels got the information about how to destroy the Death Star. This is a made up, not so great story, that was just average. The saga on film is getting old (I didn't like the other most recent installment either). Once you seen one imperial walker and X-wing fighter battle you've seen them all.

I felt really bad for Forest Whitaker, this is a terrible role; good thing he wasn't on screen long. The only good performances were by dead Peter Cushing and the re-purposed imperial droid. It's time for some new ideas Hollywood.

Moana (2016/I)
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Just average, 5 December 2016

I took my grand daughters to see this Disney film hoping it would be good. It was just average with forgettable songs and a forgettable hero. They created a reasonable back story but the execution and dialog just lagged. One of my grand daughters fidgeted the entire movie out of boredom. The ending is the only thing that redeemed the movie from total disaster. Disney really should have done better with this film. They seem to have trouble when their not dealing with an already created fairy tale. I will have to say that the animation was stellar as usual which made the lack of story and character engagement the more sad. I guess they might sell a few toys but Moana in not a princess that young girls are going to remember.

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Pretty looking film but not the best story, 11 July 2016

My daughter was looking forward to PETS as she just go herself a new rescue dog. I thought it might be fun too; it was a little. The animation was great as usual. You really got the sense that these were real live creatures. The initial storyline was a little slow to get started and when it did I thought I was watching a remake of Toy Story 2. A lot was borrowed from other things; so much for originality. The voices were okay for the characters I especially enjoyed Khloe the cat. What I really didn't care for was the villain of the film. There was some development of his character but he was just a loud talking, annoying character. Of course the human were all but window dressing and that's too bad, a little more human interaction might have helped this film.

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Another boring superhero movie, 30 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had heard that this X-men movie was good. I did enjoy the last one but I thought this was just a rehash of the same old thing. Aliens have always seemed to have a fascination with Egypt at least that's what the movies would like us to believe. So here comes another mutant creature here to take over the world followed by fight scene etc. The actors were good even though my daughter was a little confused by Storm you'd have to know a lot about the comics to understand why she would be in Egypt. I did feel sorry for Magneto and Mc Avoy's professor X has always been good. It was nice I guess that they included Wolverine. I just wasn't blown away by the story; well how many times can you take over the world and not get bored.

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The death of DC, too bad, 27 March 2016

I went to this movie with very low expectations and got exactly what I thought. You know what was so great about the LOTR's? Well it was Peter Jackson loving the story and the characters, his ability to bring that story, not some random piece of the trilogy, to life. This is the failure of DC. Unlike their success on TV they continue to let movie makers who don't care about their heroes make their films. They continue to let people make movies about a broody Batman who wasn't so brooding in the comics or Justice league cartoons (some of the best stories and animation of all time). They had a pretty good Superman until the end of his first movie and I wont' say anything about the ending of this travesty. The others (Green lantern, this upcoming dumb suicide squad) they're just going to ruin outright. So let me just go through why its too bad that DC will never make it to the heights of Marvel. Too many villains who are nothing like their personas in the comics, too much Lois Lane, too much silly dialog, too fragmented, too much unwarranted destruction, too little sticking to the stories that people know really well. Even the music was bad. I have been waiting for DC to learn what Marvel learned but I guess not. So Marvel will continue to thrive by not insulting the audiences' intelligence or love for superheroes. They will continue to thrive by making their heroes interesting and well more human which is what we have always looked for in our heroes.

Concussion (2015)
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Very much like the Insider, Will Smith does good, 30 December 2015

This film is very much like The Insider, thought provoking. Will Smith does a great job; so do Alec Baldwin and Albert Brooks. This film like so many others should give us pause; but America refuses to learn its lesson. "No lie can live forever." When we will we concede that just because something is the American Way doesn't make it beyond criticism. Omaulu exposed our Gladiatorial attitudes about our sports. Well back to the film. It does get a little slow toward the middle and it doesn't have the high drama of the Insider; which is kind of interesting since Football is a lot more popular and lucrative than cigarettes. I guess the NFL has successfully been able to bury this controversy as does soccer.

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Trite and redundant, 20 December 2015

Well I really didn't expect much when I saw that they were going to try and make another Star Wars and I didn't get much. This movie is trite and redundant. You know there is definitely room in movies made from previous films for references to its predecessor but this film just has the same thing happen that happened in the previous films (just bigger)and thinks you won't notice. Finn is a terrible character. You don't know why he does what he does and he really has no reason at all to be in the movie except to be annoying. Ray would have been an interesting character if you knew more about her from the beginning. And who is God's name came up with the villains in this movie. At first when I saw the big bad I thought I was in a Marvel film and not Star Wars, come on people. And the Darth Vader substitute is just some whiny boy in black clothes. This movie has the worse dialog that I have ever heard. Listening to Harrison Ford speak became almost painful and Carrie Fisher was worse. When the movie was over my daughter asked me where the real Star Wars characters were? I was asking the same question.

"Legends" (2014)
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Good try, 17 December 2015

Legends is an interesting take for a Spy show. The first season was good and concentrated mostly on Sean Bean's character but the second season has opened up the world for Martin Odom and that's where it fails a little. I think this format is too intricate and complicated for most people to follow. I find that I have to watch an episode three times before I understand everything; that's too much for the average viewer. This should would do better as a HBO or Showtime series. On those channels people expect complicated not on TNT. I was sad to hear that it was canceled and I doubt that NETFLIX or someone else would pick it up. I wish Amazon would consider it. I would watch.

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