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Annie (1982)
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The Best Kids movie, 15 May 2006

When I was a child this was my favorite movie. I watched it 3 times at the theater and every Christmas on TV. When we got our first VCR this was the first movie we bought. I watched it so many times, I could say all the lines with the actors and pretend to be Annie. Often times when made to clean my room. I sang it a Hard Knock Life. I would have given anything to have had the internet advantages we do today and kept up with Aileen as she grew. I was also 10 when the movie came out and even remember receiving the postcard sent to all fifth grades in America, searching for Annie!! This is a great movie for this generation with the wonderful bonus of an up to date interview!!

"Cybill" (1995)
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Cybill is the Best, 15 May 2006

I have loved Cybill Shepherd ever since Moonlighting and have seen every single movie she has ever been in. She is a greatly diverse actress. She is also a great Jazz singer. Her book Cybill Disobeidance is wonderfully candid and funny. I love her free spirit and her love of life. You feel like you are in the room with her when you watch her act. By far the best show of hers was Cybill. Her on screen chemistry and antics with Christine Baranski were top notch (look out Bruce Willis!) and it brought out Cybills best acting. It was also very interesting how it was based on her life. No other show is more deserving to be released on video in the USA!!!

Kids Inc is the 80's, 15 May 2006

To me, Kids Inc is the 80's. It was the show to watch and dance to. It represents not only the music, but the clothes,and issues of that decade. There is no other show more deserving to be on DVD. Those of us who grew up watching it, learned to sing the 80's songs, by kid rated versions to classic favorites. Many stars were born out of that show. I know Jennifer Hewitt as Love Hewitt and saw Stacy Ferguson grow up, just as this generation has watched the Olsen Twins. I loved to see the stage costumes as well as the outfits they would wear for the entire show. It was also neat how they would break into a song that fit so perfectly with the story line. I pray this show comes out on DVD. It is the perfect way to show this generation, how much fun we had growing up in the 80's!!!!