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Beyond Awful, 25 July 2003

I cannot say enough bad things about this train wreck. It is one of the few movies I've ever been tempted to walk out of. It was a bad premise to begin with, first pregnant male, but then they tried to make it a spoof. What were they spoofing all those real pregnant males??? This was the worst movie I have ever seen. If it had enough votes it would be on the IMDB bottom 100. If it was possible to give it a zero I would, and I would still feel I had given it too much credit.

Real Men (1987)
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Underrated, 24 July 2003

This has become well known from cable television. It didn't do anything in the theaters, but it is very funny. I don't know why this was not a hit. A wonderful spoof. I'm not a John Ritter fan, but he and Jim Belushi are really good together. Next time it pops up on cable check it out.

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Very Few Laughs, 21 July 2003

The beginning of this movie is awful. They should not have tried to recap who everyone was. The actors were very stiff and it set a bad tone for the movie. Once they got about 20 minutes into the movie the characters seemed to be more comfortable with themselves and the movie improved. However, this was suppose to be a comedy. It was more like an impossible dream, infomercial for PETA. There were a few moments when I laughed gently, but I did not hear anyone laughing in the the theater at any time in the movie. I really enjoyed the original "Legally Blonde", unfortunately this one was not worth 90 minutes of my time.

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Maybe Can't Really Be Appreciated Anymore, 11 November 2002

If you have only seen this movie on TV, you have not really seen this movie. One of the best movie experiences of my life was seeing this movie in the theater with a full house of college students. I have never heard an audience laugh so hard, and I was laughing with them. That experience can never be recaptured. I don't know why this movie doesn't make the midnight movie tour in college towns. That way it might have some of the same impact. Also when it came out in 1978 it is hard to explain how big John Belushi was unless you were there and saw it first hand. It's still funny on the small screen, but only if you see it uncut. Never watch it on a network, they cut out most of the jokes!

Signs (2002)
Slow, Slow, Slow, 6 August 2002

This was a 30 minute TV show put in slow motion to make a 100 minute movie. Everyone moves in slow motion to heighten the, so call, suspense. There are few surprises in this movie and if you want to be scared, it won't be with this movie. A very average movie.

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Best of Agatha Christie on Film, 18 May 2002

This is well cast and acted. I have seen this film 20 times and I still can't see Albert Finney through the make-up, and his acting is wonderful. This movie would have had the hype of Ocean's Eleven if it was made today becasue of the quality of the cast. If you have not seen it go look at it in your local video store. Enjoy.

Hard Times (1975)
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Bronson at His Best, 9 April 2002

If you want to know why Charles Bronson was a star, watch this movie. He is a quiet drifter who is the best at what he does, bareknuckle fighting. The activity is illegal and the venues are seedy. These people are not likeable, but by the end of the movie you care about them. James Coburn and Strother Martin are also very good. It is worth looking for in the video store.

Billy Jack (1971)
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Does not hold up over time, 5 March 2002

The years have not been kind to this movie. It was overrated when it first came out and now it is just bad. The acting is extremely poor. Delores Taylor may be the worst actress to ever be in a movie, but she sure can turn on the water works. It was a low budget movie and it shows.

Dick (1999)
May only work if you are old enough to remember, 27 December 2001

This movie is very funny, but if you don't know the history of the time period you may not get the jokes. It would probably help to watch "All The President's Men" first also. I really enjoy this movie and the premise. I don't think my children understand why it it so funny.

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It Makes Me Laugh, 23 December 2001

This is not a great movie and it got bad reviews, but it stays in the movie rotations of many television stations. Why? Because it is funny. Just watch it and enjoy. It is really aimed at young teens and they will probably like it best.

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