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Don't waste your money or time, 13 May 2006

My girlfriend and I picked this movie up at the video store thinking to ourselves "This should be funny, National Lampoon is genuinely funny for those boring afternoons". We were sorely disappointed.

From the get-go, this movie looks like it could have potential. No. Stop thinking that. The acting is horrid, the jokes are not funny (I can't even think of a moment where I laughed, nor my girlfriend). We sat in disbelief as we waited for a joke to come, or possibly this movie to even get better - but no. The "National Lampoon" name was obviously tagged on so someone would actually watch this. Well that worked.

To sum this up, I watched the rest of this movie hoping for something funny (my girlfriend walked off and did something more constructive), something to justify the $5 I wasted on this. In the end, this one found its way back to the video store and I insisted that the movie was scratched so I could get another movie that would redeem that $5. Don't watch this movie, unless you're looking at how "not" to make a movie.