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Ignore the numbers, these are in no particular order! Time travel is endlessly debatable and full of possibilities. I love the ideas provoked by watching time travel films.

This list is incomplete because my future self keeps adding more films...
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...and me, too. Yes actors actually exist who have high IQs and some impressive education outside of the world of Hollywood.
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These are the best young talent in Hollywood IMO -- keep an eye on them, and in the years to come they will be doing great things on the big screen.
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Want to be awed and amazed by some truly fine acting? Spanning the last 40 years, a list of Actors at their finest in these roles
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Not all "classics" have been done well as movies, but this is the list of those films that have captured the spirit and quality of their classic book source materials.
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If you love second guessing your assumptions, being surprised by twists and turns of the plot, and perhaps like a bit of the supernatural to creep into the plot now and then, these are movies for you.
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You know, they don't just play versions of themselves over and over again in every role(coughtomcruisecough). This list is for the few actors of our generation that know how to really become the character they are playing.
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The 1970s saw a resurgence in interest for Science fiction, and gave us some of the best comedies: these are the years that first popularized Spielberg, Brooks and Coppola. I see this decade as an Renaissance of the film industry which would really reach full steam in the '80s.
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The best sci fi in my lifetime, from both tv and film.
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The goofy and the ridiculous. Some of these films are great because they're so terrible, some are comic brilliance that make me laugh even though they're politically incorrect --or maybe *because* they're politically incorrect ;)
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Some of them are just plain untalented, some could potentially have talent but make no real effort, and some have irritating real life personalities.
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Despite all the talk about "Hollywood Magic", the film industry seems to struggle with truly bringing a sense of magic and wonder to fantasy films. These are the ones that got Magical right.
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I am going against critical and/or popular opinion: these performances were not so great.
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Could also be titled "Yet more proof that the Academy is a bunch of pretentious idiots who are blind to the greatness right under their noses".

Also a few tv series just for the heck of it.
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These films never fail to draw me in when they come on television (or anywhere); then I can't stop watching until the end. They are the most perfect films made in my lifetime.
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I will list the actual winner first, then the nominee that should have won after that.