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Read the ttapola, 14 February 2013

The fact of the matter is that they didn't air episode 66 on Danish television but skipped directly to episode 92. Not a week apart but two episodes aired directly after each other 66 followed by 92. This also happened in re-runs.

I was actually thinking that the ending of 65 was a producer trick like they did in Dynasty. Season ending is "Somebody get's killed" and in production line they start renegotiating contracts.

So I read ttapola's review (the only one) to find out what happened to the characters in my favorite series as I would expect somebody was missing 26 episodes later. Looks like I'm not missing anything in episode 66. Thanks ttapola - don't blame the messenger people...

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Humanity strikes back, 20 January 2004

Grammaton Senior Cleric, John Preston (Christian Bale) hunts down ‘sense offenders', people guilty of human emotions, and kills them on behalf of the fascist system that have brought peace to the world.

When he one day misses the mandatory dose of Prozium (can you say Prosac?), that keeps him from feeling, he is forced to confront the meaning of his life without emotions and the price of choices made in the past.

Some reviewers accuse this movie of stealing from ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)' and ‘Fahrenheit 451 (1966)'. I do not agree since these books clearly were written with a political message and then later adapted for the screen.

Equilibrium is on the other hand ‘just' action / thriller entertainment that borrows ideas with taste and respect (like the fascist ruler ‘Father' talking to the citizens from a screen on a zeppelin).

This is not a movie that is meant to change the world.

The cynical futuristic setting is well done and the costumes greatly emphasize the cruel atmosphere of the police state. At no point is sentimental aspects or political messages overdone – this was never indented. These issues are in the movie - but they never supersede the action.

Christian Bale and Sean Bean are both believable, which is all we need. The action is awesome.

A refreshing sci-fi action-thriller! For once humanity strikes back at the evil system. Great entertainment. Properly not for your girlfriend, though. 8/10

Out of Time (2003/I)
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Wow – This is just so stupid!, 18 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Denzel Washington does average performance. The babes (Sanaa Lathan and Eva Mendes) no good at acting but they sure are hot.

The plot is so idiotic – you have been warned.

(major spoilers start here)

Denzel Washington still loves his wife but lies about that to Sanaa Lathan which we have no trouble believing. They have known each other since high school but still he does not see that she is willing to set him up for murder, scar herself and kill him for the money.

Oh. Why didn't she say she had an affair with Washington at work? That would have put him out of business right away.

More over she is not alone. Her husband (Dean Cain) is in on the plan and presumably thinks it's just fine for Washington to bang his wife whenever opportunity allows. Morgue worker (Alex Carter) is also in on the plan and somehow ends up with the money in a hotel room even though Washington gives them to Lathan. Why didn't she just take off and how did the money end up in the hotel room with this other criminal. Do they trust him?

This is just so unbelievable stupid and unrealistic. The whole plan is based on the presumption that the respected Chief of Police (Washington) will steal the evidence money to give to his secret lover. What if he had not done that? What if he had just left `Dr. Frieland's office without hearing about expensive treatment? What kind of future does he hope to have with the cancer-sick-6-months-to-live Lathan even if the experimental cure works? What if he had just said he would be there with moral support – then they would have snatched two bodies from the morgue for no good reason.

The bad guys does a lot to set him up for murder but could have easily just burned down the house with one body, said it was Lathan and then collected the 1 million dollars. In stead they do all this planning, setting up and risks to get 485.000.

Ex-wife Detective (Eva Mendes) signs the divorce papers and sends them to Washington because she has decided that she does not love him anymore. When she later finds out that Washington has had an affair with Lathan, stolen the evidence money, beaten down a suspect, lied and obstructed justice she covers for him and cancels the divorce.

Until the horrible plot is known the movie has its moments. 5/10

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a pain to watch, 26 July 2003

Death metal rock music + black/white footage from old horror movies + people with masks and/or deformation + Doctor Death legend + repeated flash backs to previous killings = House of 1000 Corpses

It's all there! Everything you have already seen before in horror movies mixed into one chaotic film that tries to scare but confuses you. Too many effects, cuts in time/place, uninteresting characters and the 'standard' horror story ruins this one.

Maybe you'll like it if you're on drugs. I'm not surprised if the editors were.

Did i forget to mention 'stormy weather', 'car breaks down', 'axeman hunting girl', 'clothes of human skin'.

You have seen it all before and you will see it again in this movie. The effects are well done and there is plenty of them. This movie is only for nerds and the rest of you have been warned. 4/10

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Believable psychopath, 11 July 2003

Do not let the fact that this movie was made 50 years ago fool you. Mitchum playing an impotent psychopath is out to get the never found money from a robbery. Posing as a preacher Mitchum is charming and polite but right underneath his appearance lays a disillusioned evil man who will stop at nothing. This guy believes God is on his side and therefore has no conscience whatsoever making him far more credible than the villains of most movies today.

The script is great. Had this movie been done today I'm sure it would be changed to make it more politically correct and in the process making it predictable and the characters stereotypes. For instance it had been a lot more convenient to make the children's father either pure good or pure evil. Or the mother a gold digger or alcoholic to justify her actions and role in the story. Surely we would also have some (more) gunfights.

Instead this movie is simply believable because it tells a good story, stays to the point and justifies the characters actions. Not including Mitchum the rest of the characters is like most people. We mean well and all have flaws.

Night of the Hunter is certainly a down to earth movie not romanticising any subject. I don't know that the morale is but I guess it's something along the lines of the value of common sense.

That being said, forget about my opinion and just watch this great thriller. 10/10

Color of Justice (1997) (TV)
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Brilliant and believable performances in a movie with substance, 17 May 2002

If you enjoy intelligent political dramas as I do 'Color of Justice' is definitely not a movie to be missed.

Despite this being a movie made for TV it delivers in many ways where many movies for cinemas fail. It has a great story and all of the characters are well played and believable.

This movie has enough substance and raises questions for at least one more hour of playtime.

Who will benefit from the trail of 4 black juveniles accused of murdering a white woman? The New York D.A hoping to run for mayor? The rising star TV reporter and the network she is working for? Or maybe the black Reverend Walton (Gregory Hines) claiming the accused are victims of race?

Will justice be done? You will have to see for yourself. Enjoy.


The Watcher (2000/I)
Wannabe serial killer, 9 January 2002

Wannabe serial killer Keanu Reeves watches women and kills them apparently for no other reason than the attention from traumatized-former-killer-hunter James Spader. Eventhough there is budget for this cast, SWAT guys in cool choppers along with some nice explosions this is not enough to put 'The Watcher' above average entertainment value.

I recommend seeing 'Manhunter' (1986), 'Along Came a Spider' (2001) or 'The Bone Collector' (1999) instead. But should you find yourself in a position where 'The Watcher' is the only option it not a complete disaster. Don't get your hopes up. 5/10

Cube (1997)
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Highly overrated - nothing revolutionary, 26 July 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's hard to criticize this movie without giving away spoilers but let me just say that one cube in different colors, seven second rate actors, no noteworthy dialogue doesn't stand the distance for 1½ hours. It actually gets rather boring.

Other users comment on claustrophobia, humanity and society. I'll agree that this may be the intention of the director but I find this to be done a lot better in other movies.

This leaves one new idea (the setting) and two nice special effects. Well maybe I just don't get the point - but now you've been warned!

Rating 3/10

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Suspense and entertainment., 10 July 2001

Being that this movie has a lot of fine entertainment qualities I think it should some more credit than it has been given on imdb.

It's your basic 'who done it?' thriller with sex and murder but it keeps you guessing right to the end. I like these kinds of movies and I certainly think this one meets the standard.

To me it was worth watching more than once so I'll give it an 8 on imdb.