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Amazingly Surreal, 16 May 2006

I have been a fan of Chris Isaak for some time and was thrilled when I heard that he would be starring in his own television series (for those of you who have seen his antics on the Jay Leno Tonight Show, know how funny he can be) But what I wasn't prepared for was how smart and clever it was as well. I laughed hysterically when Brett Michaels from the band Poison had a guest appearance! And everyone will wet their pants when seeing the episode where Chris dates a female police officer who is CRAZY! All surrounded by great music. I was also surprised by the humor of drummer Kenny! When this comes out on DVD, I will by the all three seasons! If you get a chance to see the show, take it!

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Wickedly Dark, 15 May 2006

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I hate it when people write things like "wasn't realistic". When did a movie have to be realistic? It's about fantasy and entertainment and those looking for something realistic should check out the documentary section of the video store! This was a very cute dark comedy about love lost. I thought Meg Ryan and Matthew Brodrick were great together! Oh! and the things they did! The restaurant scene alone gave me gasp. Talk about going in for the kill! I would have given the movie a 10 but it did get slow towards the middle and I would have liked a little more explanation into Kelly Preston's character Linda. Like why wouldn't she just tell Sam in her letter that she met someone else and was in love? Well then I guess if she had then we wouldn't have the charming, funny, kind of disturbed movie that we got.

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For the Romantic in Everyone!, 12 May 2006

I saw this movie a fews years ago and was literally swept away by it. So charming and so very romantic. David Duchovny and Ms. Driver have chemistry that is so hot, you will need to take off a layer of clothing. The supporting cast is 100% top notch. Just watching Caroll O'Connor and Robert Loggia play off one another is pure poetry. Bonnie Hunt and Jim Bellushi and a wonderful team and some of the films most charming moments are when they are on the screen. Like Jim Belushi screaming at his children to go to sleep "FOREVER!" or him dancing in the kitchen. This film made we wish I knew people like that in my own life. Not to mention, what woman does not want David Duchovny for a boyfriend?

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Loved It!, 12 May 2006

I loved this film. I thought the special effects were amazing, thought the plot was amazing and thought all the actors involved did a great job. Of course there are a lot of comments that talk about Keanu Reeves acting abilities, but I think he did a grand job. The character Gabriel in this film is so intriguing. I was a little disappointed with Gavin's role as Balthazar. His role could have been expanded a bit. But all in all eerie, and definitely interesting. People who bash Keanu Reeves are more upset with the fact that he gets paid $30 million a picture even when the film isn't so great! But this one is great. I own it and everyone I have shown it to has absolutely loved it.

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Interesting, 11 May 2006

This film was actually very interesting. John Malkovich was his usual mesmerizing self. The only problem I had with this movie was Julia Roberts, who to this date does the WORST IRISH ACCENT EVER!!! So I think it goes without saying that while Julia is a very good actress, she can't do Broadway or accents! If it were not for Julia, I would have scored this film much higher. I would have like to see someone more able in her role. Perhaps Kate Winslett, or heck even Gweneth Paltrow! Julia was truly out of her depth in this film and it shows. She lacks confidence and in some scenes appears to be bored by it all. I'm glad I saw this on video instead of paying full price at the theater!