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A powerful anti-war film!, 11 August 2001

All Quiet On The Western Front message truly stands the test of time, as well as the film in general. While the film may be scarred from a video point-of-view, the film is nonetheless entertaining. Young soldiers tricked (so to speak) into fighting for their country by their patriotic people at home who say they should serve their country during the war. And as young men, they do so, only to find out that war isn't what they thought it was. Death and turmoil is the only things these kids see. All Quiet on the Western Front demonstrates very well, the emotional struggle that war has on young people. You really learn how these young soldiers feel, especially with Paul's famous quote "We live in the trenches and we fight. We try not to be killed -- that's all" - Outstanding film, and a must see, for even the most jaded movie goers!

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This is a wonderful movie., 13 July 2001

This film truly stands the test of time. After 50 years, this film still delivers that emotional message it did when it was released. This is perhaps one of the best films I've seen, nevertheless, Frank Capara's. And I will be the first to admit... I cried my heart out at the end. I havn't cried after seeing It's a Wonderful Life since I was a kid. Anytime a film can be that emotional, well, you certainly have to give all props to 'em. It's a Wonderful Life will make you happy, sad - laugh, cry - and in the end, you will love it!

Cast Away (2000)
One word: Epic, 10 March 2001

Despite some of the lack-luster reviews Cast Away has received, this by far one of the best films of 2000-2001, possible one of the top 100. Beyond that, the film was amazing from beginning to end. Tom Hanks alone on island with just his buddy WILSON (The volley ball) which in my opinion is the best supporting actor in recent years. CAST AWAY is an amazing film and deserves a higher ranking than what it has received.