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If you've seen the previews, you've seen the good parts of the movie., 17 February 2003

I didn't expect much, and not much is what I got. It was cute, but predictable and at times it dragged. There was one cute scene during the honeymoon when they were driving, but aside from that, everything good about that movie was contained in the preview. If you're looking for a mind-numbing movie to watch in the background while doing something else, maybe you should pick this movie up as a rental, but I wouldn't recommend going through the trouble of going out to see this while it's in the theaters.

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Emotionally touching film about the poverty of the soul as much if not more so than economic poverty., 11 May 2002

This film was an excellent metaphor for the depravation so many northern Brazillians experience when they imigrate to the coast in search of work, love, opportunity, and excitement.

Macabea, the protagonist of the film, is an immigrant orphan from northern Brazil who comes to the city in search of economic prosperity. She lacks the education to find a descent job, the social skills to have friends or a boyfriend, and the etiquette in order to fit in in normal life.

She is portrayed as ugly, filthy, and disgusting. She lacks an understanding of proper hygiene, as shown several times throughout the movie when she does not wash her hands and, as a result, covers the papers she types in dirt and in a scene where she eats while urinating on a pot in the middle of the night.

She is a symbol of the depravation of so many northern and northeastern immigrants in Brazil.

The film is full of cleverly constructed imagery and symbolism. Depressing and sad, but genius.

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This is a movie about nothing. People don't use words to mean what they are. People come and go. It was dreadfully boring., 13 January 2002

I like experimental film, but this was awful. It moved very, very slowly and the dialog was original (the characters often did not use words to express themselves as much as tone of voice) but seemed overall pointless. I think that the movie was trying to hard to be different and, in the end, suffered for it. Save you're $3 dollars and rent something else. If you feel like being a humanitarian, rent the movie, and then destroy it so no other unsuspecting victim accidentally wastes a night watching this garbage.

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Buffalo '66 is an amazing and original film: well scripted, scored, cast, directed, and acted by Vincent Gallo., 11 March 2001

Buffalo '66 was really original in terms of both plot and style. At moments, the story of Billy Brown's life is so terribly tragic and bizarre, you almost have to break the tension by cracking a laugh. In the film, Vincent Gallo's ex-jail bird character, Billy Brown, kidnaps a young tap-dancer named Layla, played by Christina Ricci, to pose as his wife on his visit back home to his dysfunctional family. The colors are beautifully bold and somehow elegant by being so far past tacky. The film is really great.

The story is actually based somewhat on Vincent Gallo's own traumatic life. The Sinatra song that the Billy Brown's father sings to Layla in the bedroom is actually a tape of Vincent Gallo's father, Vincent Gallo, Sr. I read in an interview that Vincent Gallo has scripted another movie he hopes to direct and feature in. He is trying to get enough money to do it all himself. I am curious to see how it turns out, since this film was allegedly wound so tightly around scraps of his own life.