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The cats bril't.1st film was better. Should make a 3rd to rectify this., 2 September 2006

Why do people hate Garfield? The overall story of the first film was better than the second, I admit that.

It's about the cat and as long as the cat is brilliant, which he is. Then I think it's an alright film.

1:-Billy Connolly shouldn't have been the lead bad guy.

2:-Bill Murray is excellent as Garfield. So is the animation.

3:-They should take Garfield back to America and make a 3rd.

When Garfield stopped the train in the first film. Someone behind me said "Thats far fetched". Like everything up to then was realistic.

Don't get me wrong people can hate films what other people like. But it's people who say comments like that above. That us Garfield fans have to put up with.

"When in a rush dress slowly". Don't know who said this, but I like it.

Great Film. not a comedy, but a light hearted horror?, 3 August 2006

First of all this was my out & out all time favourite film, until The Shawshank Redemption was released. Now Ghostbusters is sharing top spot.

To me I never really laughed at Ghostbusters but neither did I take it seriously. I just thought it was a light hearted horror.

Anybody else think this?

Just to remind you. I'm not knocking this film, I just didn't think it was an all out comedy.

My top 5 favourite films.

1. The Shawshank Redemption. 1. Ghostbusters. 2. The Back To The Future Trilogy. 3. Seabiscuit. 4. The Naked Gun Trilogy.

Routh is Superman. Film is very disjointed and disappointing., 31 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There was now growth in this film from beginning to the end. It just seemed like it was a just put together without any care for a flowing feel. If it was flowing then I might not have noticed the things below.

1. Superman hates Kryptonite. Yet he seems to be able to lift an whole island of the stuff up. Where as a few moments before he couldn't even stand up on it. So how are they going to make a competent sequel, when they have botched this one up by making him invulnerable to Kryptonite.

2. This film should have been called Lois Lane's Relationship Advice, the amount of time she's wasting on screen talking about her feelings for Superman and her current boyfriend.

3. Even the director was making excuses by saying this was a loosely based sequel, before it was even released.

They have been working a long time to get a suitable script, and this is what they come up with!

Routh is a very good Superman though.

Could and should have been much better.

"Film '72" (1971)
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10/10 with Barry Norman. 6/10 with Johnathon Ross (Current Host), 31 May 2006

This is a Great series for information on up an coming Films(shown late night U.K). Although it's rating does dip quite a way with Johnathan Ross as host.

Johnathan Ross doesn't have the same relaxing attitude and knowledge about films that the great Barry Norman seemed to have.

Just like his chat show Johnathan Ross's interviewing seems to rely on his guest laughing with or at him. The laughing is not usually about films either, its about Slippers(ask Tom Cruise). If the guest doesn't laugh he seems to just keep on trying. Like the interview in which Harrison Ford was shown a photograph without his hair. This was really embarrassing.

To be fair to him he does have charisma and his not a bad host. He is no Barry Norman though.

I just hope the BBC realise this and try the programme with someone different. In the great words attributed to Barry Norman "And why not?" (Sorry no spell checker).